Caesura – The No-Tryout Solo

All my readers who have sung the “Alleluia” Chorus from the Messiah raise a hand, forefoot, or paw. All those who have heard (because you never did it, I’m sure) an impromptu solo in the next-to-last measure keep your appendage up. Thank you. You can lower them.

The caesura, or sometimes called a “grand pause” is a technique composers use to build or maintain tension in a piece of music. It is also one of the best opportunities for an instrumentalist or vocalist to have a solo without the need of practicing or trying out. This is generally not a good thing. Continue reading

December Wrap-Up

Whunf! The copy-edits and tweaks to both Woman’s Work (Shikhari 4) and Merchant and Empire (Merchant and Magic 4) are done and awaiting covers and formatting. I’ll format them when I get the covers.

I’ve started the fifth Shikhari book, and need to do some research in my rapidly shrinking free time. It’s been a while since I read Hopkirk.

I don’t know if there will be more Familiars in the near future.

The last Colplatschki book will come out later this spring.

Artifacts, Culture, and Adoption

Last week I came in on the last half of a PBS program about “The Secrets of Stonehenge.” I’d read most of the different bits and pieces, but it was nice to have them all pulled together with attractive shots of Stonehenge and its environs. However, the last ten minutes or so raised my eyebrows and started me wondering… Continue reading