Familiar Tales

Urban Fantasy with a touch of humor. And a 100 lb. skunk.

Lord Adrescu’s Blade – The story of a sword and a painting. 500 years before Malevolently Familiar.

Familiar Tales – Five urban fantasy stories.

Strangely Familiar – A novella in the Familiar Tales world

Familiar Tales #1 – Print edition of the first two books.

Vaguely Familiar – Lelia, Tay, and Co. battle a Pre-Columbian artifact, leaking fish tanks, and the Return of the Off Ramp of Doom

Oddly Familiar  – Ah, Halloween, when goths come out to play, along with things best left well alone.

Familiar Tales #2 – Print edition of books three and four.

Clearly Familiar – Five short stories about mages, Familiars, and Shoshana.

Distinctly Familiar – Four short stories

Familiar Roads  – Novella about training of shadow mages.

Eerily Familiar – Something hunts the hunters.

Furiously Familiar – Were there’s a will . . .

Familiar Sorrows – Some things magic cannot cure

Gloriously Familiar – Six short stories of mages and magic workers

Horribly Familiar – Shadow mages and marriage. What could possibly go— sproing!

Intensely Familiar – André returns home from deployment to find . . .

Familiar Vows – The wedding in Utah and other short stories

Judiciously Familiar – Do not threaten Lelia’s children. It will not end happily.

Knowingly  Familiar – Something stirs in the university museum . . .

Learnedly Familiar – Meister Gruenewald has gone missing.

Malevolently Familiar  –  The past returns . . . for vengeance.

Nominally Familiar – Stories of adventure, gem setting, computer conniptions, and teenage trials. (Trials for their parents, that is.)

Familiar Paths – Short stories about a nosferitau hunt, the Lone Hunter, and more.

Overly Familiar – Teenagers, deployments, road repair and the October rush . . . What’s a mage to do when trouble gets Overly Familiar?

Preternaturally Familiar [September 2022] – Lelia’s ghosts return to haunt Riverton.