Familiar Tales

Urban Fantasy with a touch of humor. And a 100 lb. skunk.

Familiar Tales – Five urban fantasy stories.

Strangely Familiar – A novella in the Familiar Tales world

Vaguely Familiar – Lelia, Tay, and Co. battle a Pre-Columbian artifact, leaking fish tanks, and the Return of the Off Ramp of Doom

Oddly Familiar  – Ah, Halloween, when goths come out to play, along with things best left well alone.

Clearly Familiar – Five short stories about mages, Familiars, and Shoshana.

Distinctly Familiar – Four short stories

Familiar Roads  – Novella about training of shadow mages.

Eerily Familiar – Something hunts the hunters.

Furiously Familiar – Were there’s a will . . . (March 2020)

Greatly Familiar – Five short stories of mages and magic workers (July 2020)

Familiar Sorrows – Some things magic cannot cure