This Year’s Wren Hunt….

is cancelled due to ongoing thunderstorms. (Yeah! We need the rain.)

And the version I know the best:

5 thoughts on “This Year’s Wren Hunt….

  1. We’re getting the thunder and rain here, too; Ashbutt is hiding under the bed and won’t come out. Yay rain!

    • We’re currently (1547) on the second round. We had a severe thunderstorm warning, severe thunderstorm watch, significant weather alert, hazardous weather outlook, winter storm warning, winter storm watch, and something else on the screen at the same time. Ah, High Plains weather…

  2. Normally, it’s one die roll for a random weather event, not roll the entire box of dice! Wet weather, as long as precipitation gets in the ground, is always welcome out west. Perhaps hunting of the teal, or guillemot?

    Prayers are also offered for everyone’s safety as the skies play a game of ‘hold my humidity, I want to try something.’

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