A Cat Among Dragons

The Order Shown is in Rada Ni Drako’s Chronological Order

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Hubris (Azdhag Novel 1)

Renaissance  (Azdhag Novel 2)

A Cat Among Dragons  (A Cat Among Dragons #1)

Three Winter Tails  Winter short stories from Rada’s mercenary days.


Justice and Juniors  (#2)

The Danger of Granted Wishes  (#3)

Revolution from Above (Novella)

Promises and Powers (A Short Story 4 Pack) (#4)

A Touch of Power (Short-story five-pack) (#5)

Mammals and Amends (short story)

Schree’s Rest (novella)

On A Bleak Midwinter (Cat Christmas Short #1)

Between Flood and Flame  (Short story set)    Rada must decide between her people and her liege.  (#6)

A Cat for Christmas (Cat Christmas Short #2)

A Cat at Bay   The simple jobs are the hard ones, especially after Rada’s enemies catch her trail. (#7)

The Bird of Dawning (A Cat Christmas Short #3)

When Fossils Meet (short story)

Shadows and Anguish   All is not well in Rada’s worlds.

Clawing Back from Chaos – The Courting of the Cat.

The Sacred Nutcracker (A Cat Christmas Short)

In Sheltering Talons   Rada grows older.

  • The Powers – Alt History and Alt Future Derived from the Cat Universe

Color Country (novella)

Cities and Throngs and Powers (Novella)

Carpathian Campaign (WWI Alt-history)

Grasping for the Crowns (WWI Alt-history part 2)

Against a Rising Tide (Interwar Alt-history)


NOTE: All publication dates are tentative. Titles of unpublished works are subject to change prior to final release. No guarantee for release or content is implied by the information on this page.  This list is not all-inclusive, and additional works will be added in time.


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