Holiday Math?

Shamelessly borrowed from Texan99 at Grim’s Hall.

A more modern take?


Thanks [?] to OldNFO, who knows how much I dislike spreadsheets and numbers in general.

7 thoughts on “Holiday Math?

  1. Chuckle. It’s better than the old German joke that “Rudolph the Red knows rain, dear!”

    Merry Christmas to all.

  2. Spreadsheets are great.

    You can do stuff in them that gets complex enough for errors when done with a calculator. Without the overhead of figuring out how to do them in MatLab, or directly in code. But I should figure out more about getting stuff done with other tools.

    • Old Joke: After the flood, Noah visits the animals he rescued. The rabbits have taken to the “go forth and Multiply” mission with excess zeal. The goats, likewise, the cats are even fulfilling the commandment. However, when he gets to the venomous snake there are only the two original passengers. Thinking quickly, Noah fabricates a rustic picnic table. Returning some time later he finds snakes everywhere. The moral, even adders can multiply with a log table.


    Translated from the Classical Geek: No ‘L’, No ‘L’, No ‘L’!

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