Colplatschki Chronicles

In Time Order on Colplat XI, Earliest to Latest.  Series Number is Publication Order
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Fountains of Mercy – The Great Fires and the founding of the Babenburg and Peilov lines.

Peaks of Grace  – Sainthood and the deSarm family. Series #5

Circuits and Crises   The Turkowi begin their advance from the south as a fight between brothers threatens the Empire. Series #6

Blackbird  Charles Malatesta will defend his inheritance or die trying. Series #7

Elizabeth of Starland Elizabeth von Sarmas’s arrival in the Eastern Empire, co-starring Snowy the Mule. Series #1

Elizabeth of Donatello Bend   Elizabeth labors to restore faith in the Babenburg family and to prove her place in the Empire. Series #2

Elizabeth of Vindobona   Court politics leads to disaster when the Turkowi invade the Donau Novi plains. Series #3

Marie’s Tale (novella)  Another side of the story of Duke Aquila Starland.

Elizabeth and Empire   Elizabeth, isolated and threatened by jealousies in court, must fight her way clear as King Laurence of Frankonia threatens the untried Emperor Thomas. Series #4

Taking place at the same time as Elizabeth’s story, on the far eastern end of the continent:

Forcing the Spring – Pjtor drags his land out of the Turkowi shadows. Series #9

Golden Summer – Defeating the Harriers was just the beginning. Series #10.

NOTE: Titles are subject to change prior to release. All publication dates are for general reference and subject to change. No promise or warranty is implied in the proposed publication date.


5 thoughts on “Colplatschki Chronicles

  1. It’s going to take a while to get through that catalog. You are a busy little beaver. :o}
    That reminds me, I want to put another year on the KU while I have the money. budget, budget, budget…..

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