Persian/Russian Walnut Chicken

The basis of this recipe comes from the wonderful cookbook Please to the Table: The Russian Cookbook by Anya von Bremzen and John Welchman. It includes recipes and stories from the Baltic coast as far east as Central Asia. It also has stories about the Russian Empire, and Soviet Russia.

The original recipe is for wild game, duck or quail. I make it with either chicken (dark meat is better) or turkey (dark meat is better). As a result, I’ve made a few modifications to the original dish, mostly reducing some quantities and skipping one of the cooking steps (roasting it in the oven to crisp the skin of the birds). It works very well, and looks and tastes fancier than it seems. Continue reading

In the Spirit of the Season…

A rerun, because I have family visiting and spent yesterday morning at the dentist’s office getting a recurring problem dealt with.

I take no responsibility for originating the following. I am merely passing it along…

“Top Ten Thanksgiving Hymns (you probably won’t sing)*”

“Granted, it was a few years ago, but The Mezzo Wore Mink still sets the standard for Thanksgiving pageants: The Singing Hors D’oeuvres, Miles Standish and Pocahontas, the choir dressed up as the four food groups…

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Cranberry Salad

This is not vegan, or kosher, although you could probably substitute agar for the gelatin. It is, however, an alternative for those who might be tired of cranberry-in-a-can, or more traditional cranberry relishes. At RedQuarters we serve it with the main meal because it is tart.

3 cups cranberries, picked over (1 lb) and semi-frozen

1 c sugar

1 package lemon jello and one of unflavored jello

1 C. hot (near boiling) water

1 C. chopped nuts,* 1C chopped celery, 1 C. small marshmallows cut into pieces Continue reading

Stew Season Once More

It’s that time of the year, or as one of the church signs put it: It’s Officially “Wear a sweater in the morning, regret it in the afternoon” Season. Temperatures run from 28 to 56, then 38 to 72, and back to 31 and 33 the next day. With damp cold to go with the swings.

Time for stew. Continue reading

Do all StarĂ© have bad taste?

It seems so to Rigi and her human associates, at least when Staré food is involved. The natives of Shikhari will eat things that make humans think twice, or just back away slowly before fleeing. Rigi does her best to pretend that she does not see tam being served under her roof, or notice when boxes from a tam-patty take-out place appear beside the waste-disposal combustion unit behind the house. If she does not see them, they are not there.

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Product Review: Salsa Mix

You come home from fairs with interesting things, some times. In this case, it was a new-to-me product that is a salsa mix, from Simple Salsa ( ). The can has the dry ingredients. All you do is add a can of crushed or diced tomatoes, blend with one scoop of the dry stuff, let sit for 10-15 minutes for the dry vegetables to rehydrate and the flavors to mingle, and you have salsa. Continue reading

Better for the Planet?

Apparently, because of not living on the Coasts or in a major city, I missed the memo that 1. waffle cones will save the planet from the evil polluting effects of cardboard bowls and plastic spoons, and 2. that plant-based ice-cream has a smaller effect on the environment than does Ye Olde cow-milk sort. Since I’m a fan of waffle cones, I see no problem with people eating the serving dish rather than throwing it away, although some of the bright colors (hot pink, kelly green, electric blue) are a touch disconcerting.

I’m not certain about the plant-based ice-cream being better for the planet, though. Continue reading