Alma T. C. Boykin was born in the Midwest, moved to the Great Plains, and after a brief period living in places where trees almost outnumber people, returned to the plains. She escaped college with a BA, worked for a living, then returned for an advanced degree some years later. When not writing or rotating the cat, she teaches and does a few other odds and ends. Hobbies include cooking, reading, hiking, geology, astronomy, and music.


Why “Cat Rotator’s Quarterly?”  Rotating one’s cat is a writer euphemism for pure procrastination.


9 thoughts on “About

  1. I showed your article about the Celts to some re-enactor associates and one of them about blew a cork. [eye-roll] He was going on about the “Celts” being Indo-European, or something. I was going to suggest that he talk to you, but the comments section on that page or closed. Is there an e-mail addy that you use for such?

    BTW, I found the post interesting. But I am not so convinced that I know the “truth” that I can’t consider other possibilities.

    • By 750 BCE, the majority of peoples between the Alps and the Baltic, and in much of Iberia and Nothern Italy, were of Indo-European descent. The Indo-Europeans arrived in eastern Europe around 6000 BCE, and moving farther west across most of Europe by 2500 BCE, so there’s not really a conflict. My e-mail is AlmaTCBoykin AT aol DOT com.

  2. You have comments turned off on most of your posts? Or is something wrong with my browser, which is frequently the case?
    Anyway, I was looking at catching up on my reviews. I know I reviewed Fossils and I’m fairly certain I reviewed Uplands but neither appear in my list. Is there anyway to tell whether Amazon deleted them after deciding we were friends? That would be most unfortunate.

    • The comments are supposed to be off after 14 days, because that’s where the spambots tend to show up. (Usually. Some days I’ll get a wave for reasons known only to Ghu.) But sometimes I have to remind WP to allow comments in general.

      No, I have no way of knowing if the ‘Zon has deleted something unless I request it be deleted (which has yet to happen). Your being a friend shouldn’t have anything to do with it, because I’ve reviewed other Huns’ books without getting dinged.

      • I have too. Yours seem to be the only ones.
        Apparently, zon made some kind of bot to make those decisions, from what I have read.

        THey said zon will tell the poster if asked. I’ll try to figure that out.

        I’ll try posting another as well.

  3. You have an … interesting… comment about trees; do you have something against them, or do you just find them odd?
    Personally, I prefer living among trees, especially since I’m in a place too wet for forest fires.
    And I’m glad to hear the why of your nickname with the cat.

    • No, so long as I can see hazards coming. I once had a tornado sneak up on me when I lived in the Southeastern US because I couldn’t see the storm for the trees. I get almost claustrophobic if I can’t see the horizon at least once every few hours. Scattered trees are great. Solid canopies that hide the weather make me uncomfortable.

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