Due to Editing…

the history post has been rescheduled to Monday.

I’m working through the recommendations and edits on the next Cat book. I’ve gone through my usual phases, starting with “How dare you flag that usage” to “Er, he’s got a point” to “Hmm, no, that one stays,” to “OK, OK, dang I thought I’d stopped doing that, OK.”


I can haz grammar?

Thus far there’s only one major-minor reworking that’s going to be needed. I do wish I’d quit picking new words to over-use. It started with “very” and then “quite” and now it is “rather.”

I thought I’d already fixed that? And where did those words come from?

Edited to add: The Edits are Done!! And what remains of my brain is checking out for the rest of the day.

March State of the Author

Tired and enjoying Spring Break.

The second draft of the next-plus-one Cat novel is done. At the moment it is around 106,000 words and includes another encounter with the Pack, a secret from Joschka’s past that threatens to shatter his relationship with Rada, an oversized, waltzing fox, and a honeymoon (with werewolf. Maybe.).

The next Cat novel is being edited for late May release.

I have not heard from the acquisitions editor about the RajWorld books, so I will plan on adding them to the rotation for 2017.

The next Colplatschki book is being edited for a September release.

I have a few short-story ideas bouncing around that I will work on, and am waiting to see which novel insists on being written next. A follow-up to Language of the Land may be in the works, or it might not. I’m not sure yet.

Ice Sheets – Interrupted

The blog post originally scheduled for today has been postponed due to long editing time and authorial foolishness. I accidentally left the main page at Amazon’s KDP uploading site and lost half an hour’s work.

Because sometimes facepaw is just not enough.

Because sometimes facepaw is just not enough.

Yes, I know better. I need to add some additional material and check a climatology reference before the glacier post goes live.

On the up-side, the steampunk fantasy Language of the Land should be available today or tomorrow. An engineer discovers magic. What could possibly go wrong? A lot, if you are a tyrant.

And someone is not thrilled about being on a vet-ordered weight loss diet . . .

A cat can dream...

A cat can dream…

February State-of-the-Author

Short version: recovering from back-to-back upper respiratory messes, the second of which came with mild viral conjunctivitis. Thursday was the first day I actually felt mildly creative and up to doing more than typo hunting.

So . . . The next Cat book, which will have a different title than what I’d planned because there are a gazillion or so romance books with the title To Have and to Hold, will either come out in late May or early July. Why the gap? Because of my being away from the computer in June, or at least that’s the plan at the moment. If it gets done when hoped, then there will be a May e-book release and a July print version. Otherwise both will be in July. Continue reading

So Many Books! or Productivity for the Distracted Writer

Since January 2013 I have written *counts* twenty novels. Plus several short story collections and novellas. That looks like a lot of words on screen or page. In some ways it is, especially compared to a lot of literary fiction writers, or people like George R. R. Martin. Compared to Larry Correia or the old (and modern) pulp writers? I’m a lazy piker.

So how did I come to write so much? Habit. Continue reading