Book Corrections


If all goes well, over the course of the next week I will be uploading corrected files for several books – typos, spacing quirks, and so on. If you are looking for a title and it doesn’t seem to be available, that’s what’s going on.


New Release: Woman’s Work

Woman’s Work, the fourth Shikari book, is now live on Amazon.

Rigi and Tomás, now married, are stationed on Verdina, the northern continent, assisting with the re-founding of Staré settlement there. And human settlement as well. Rigi learns that life as a proper officer’s wife doesn’t exactly suit her. And that honor may matter more than career.

Exploration, holy-terror-birds, wombow breath, a lecherous cad, and the Officers’ Wives Club. Which peril is the most dangerous? Read and find out!

Sunday Teaser: Woman’s Work

The opening of the new Shikari novel, Woman’s Work.

Chapter One: Marital Miss


“Oof!” Rigi sat firmly on the dry ground beside the wombow shed. “That’s not supposed to happen,” she told the recalcitrant piece of leather. Makana and Lonka had made getting the wombow harness in place look easy. The lower chest strap of Slowth’s harness flapped in the breeze like a rude tongue. “Well, they had that soft old harness to work with, and Stodge. Slowth is not Stodge.” She got to one knee and shoved herself to her feet.

She got the strap pulled tight on the second try, latching the attached belly band despite Slowth’s wiggles and grunts of complaint. The brindled brown wombow always fussed about the harness, she’d discovered. The man who sold her the beast had neglected to mention that little flaw. Deep down Rigi suspected that if her husband had been with her, she’d have been shown different animals and could have gotten one as docile as Stodge. But Tomás was at advanced scout training with Kor, and some things a woman had to do for herself. Rigi planted her fists on her hips and studied the cart and Slowth. “Do not run away. Or I’ll turn you into wombow stew.”

Slowth’s stubby round tail wagged vigorously, warning her that she couldn’t dawdle. “Nahla, any additions to the list?” Rigi called as she took a firm grip on Slowth’s guide lines and walked him and the cart backwards away from the shed. Continue reading

January ’18 State of the Author

Enjoying the three-day-weekend, to begin with. The first half of February will be rather fraught because academic competitions are starting, and I’m assisting with two, plus supervising testing for a third and starting to coach for a fourth.

The fourth Shikari book, Woman’s Work, is in cover design, so I will begin a final check-over and formatting this week, if all goes well. Continue reading

Saturday Shikhari: Social Duties

Ah, the downside of being the wife of a career officer: formal occasions.

Had she not been warned by both Aunt Kay and Mrs. Prananda, Rigi would never, ever have believed that dressing for a formal dance would take men longer than women. Now she knew better. It wasn’t the blouse, tunic, and trousers that posed the problem, oh no. Rigi needed twice as long as her husband to do the basics. No, it was the accessories and trim that absorbed so very many minutes, if not hours. Rigi considered sitting in the family room to wait, then remembered the little thread-bits she kept finding on her chair cushions, not to mention the wombow hair. Instead she hid in the visitors’ room. She perched on the back of a very sturdy and low chair, ran her fingers over her nicest set of prayer beads, and contemplated with increasing joy the prospect of three weeks in the wilds of northwestern Southland. No press, no plumbing, no social events, no gossip attacks… Hunter lizards and sea-eaters, carnifex-leapers and other predators killed to live. They ate their kills. That sort of honesty would be refreshing change. Continue reading

December Wrap-Up

Whunf! The copy-edits and tweaks to both Woman’s Work (Shikhari 4) and Merchant and Empire (Merchant and Magic 4) are done and awaiting covers and formatting. I’ll format them when I get the covers.

I’ve started the fifth Shikhari book, and need to do some research in my rapidly shrinking free time. It’s been a while since I read Hopkirk.

I don’t know if there will be more Familiars in the near future.

The last Colplatschki book will come out later this spring.