New Release: The Scavenger’s Gift

The Scavenger – god of death, and loss, and those who survive at the edges. And the god of miners.

What happens when a metal trader, sworn to Maarsdam, enters the Scavenger’s realm?


Signal Boost: For those interested in space opera and hard sci-fi, Peter Grant’s third book about Cochrane’s Company, The Pride of the Damned, is now available. I alpha read the first two and they are excellent.

Edited to add: SIGH. The Muse just informed me that there will be a third book following the WIP, again from Tycho’s view point. I think it will be called “Merchant and Empire.” Grrrrrrrrrrr.


State of the Author and Book Updates – July ’18

Tired. I greatly enjoyed LibertyCon and the trip to and from. It was neat to meet people in person, renew a few acquaintances, finally get a piece of cake from City Diner (Seven Deadly Sins, for those who wondered. And I ate all of it in one sitting. It was very, very, very good.) Now I’m tired and a bit brain numb. Something about a story ambushing me while en route… Continue reading

New Book Release: Merchant and Magic

It’s Alive!

Merchant and Magic

Tycho just wants to do his business, sell his hides, make a steady income, and get some of the fried foods his wife never lets him eat. Is that too much to ask?

Yes. Because his secret disability may be the key to solving two mysteries and preventing a war. Or it might cause one. Only the gods know.

This is the book I ran as chapters on the blog last year. The sequel has been started, but the Familiar books have shifted it. I suspect I need more research into the operation of the kontors and the relationship of the Holy Roman Emperors to the free trading cities vs. the other municipalities, so my subconscious mind is blocking.

And for Something Almost Completely Different…

Staré, the sequel to Shikari is now available.

Rigi returns to Shikhari and finds that some things have changed… or have they?

Miss Auriga Bernardi encounters a StarĂ© liberation movement that might not be what it seems, the complications of semi-adulthood in Society, a lost city the natives would prefer remained lost, and a big brother who won’t take, “Cyril, drop it,” for an answer. What’s a young lady to do?

Trust in her shooter, her m-dog, her sketches, and her wits. A less energetic wombow would also be nice.

Cat Among Dragons Release

In Sheltering Talons, the tenth book in the Cat Among Dragons series, is available. Aside from strange goings on in the Imperial palace, a crime that might never have happened, outraged nobles, and wildlife gone mad, Drakon IV has been peaceful for Rada. But she misses Joschka, and wants to go to Ter-Tri.

The Traders might have other plans for her.

Mayhem, chaos, a wedding, Rahoul Khan being by-the-book, Zabet snarking, and Joschka wondering if Rada will ever settle down… and a possible werewolf.

Maybe married life isn’t quite so quiet as advertised, at least for a Cat among Dragons.