The eleventh hour of the eleventh day…

… the guns on the western front of “the War,” soon to be called the Great War or the World War, fell silent. Fighting in the east continued for another four years, and more if you count the Russian Civil War.

When I was younger, Veterans Day was about veterans and the First World War just happened to end on November 11th. Which is also the feast of St. Martin of Tours. I seem to remember parades, or I might be mis-remembering, because the weather didn’t favor parades in November. Continue reading


Against a Rising Tide is now available

The last in the alternate-history series The Powers, Against a Rising Tide is now available in e-book. The print book will be out before Thanksgiving.

What will it take to save the Houses and the Powers? More than István Eszterházy  might be able to give. Torn between Russia and the World War’s victors, István, Archduke Rudolph, and their allies struggle to hold the Habsburg Confederation together. The tides of poisoned nationalism, Communism, and obsession and revenge threaten to drown the world.

What can one man do? István will find out.

Cover teaser…

If all goes well, the book will be on sale this weekend, for the Armistice Day centenary.

All is not well in Eastern Europe. The English and French insist on punishing the members of the Habsburg Confederation while nationalists and Communists threaten to tear the alliance and the Houses apart from within. As chaos swirls and tensions rise, István Eszterházy and Archduke Rudolph von Habsburg struggle to preserve order, and to preserve both Houses and Powers.

The Soviets discovered a key. Now István must hide it once more.

October ’18 State of the Author

A bit numb, because I finished the draft of Merchant and Empire on Saturday.  Now I’ve got to catch up on Day-Job reading and polish some things because academic competitions are starting to kick in, and I need to have students ready to go in January.

At the moment, the writing plan is to focus on Miners and Empire for November and get 50K words done on it. Since I average 2000 words per day, it is doable. A lot of the scenes and story are already in my mental files ready to go, and I have all the technical data on hand. For those who liked “The Scavenger’s Gift,” this is set in that area. It looks at how cities become free cities, and how society balanced competing interests, in this case farmers and miners. Continue reading

Just in time for Halloween

Is now available.

Ah, October, when goths brace for an onslaught of “Halloween’s not for three weeks,” and Lelia grits her teeth against retail madness. But all is not well when failed summonings, deluded psych teachers, and swirls of insanity abound.

Can Lelia and Tay solve the mysteries of the Off Ramp of Doom and the Bonnie Creek not-hauntings? Or have they met their match? And will Tay and Angus quit sniping at each other? [OK, probably “No” on the last one, at least not until the heat death of the universe and/or the second coming of your preferred redeemer.]