Tuesday News

Ah, true love, magical bombs, “philosophical disagreements” over the age of canned goods, and his-and-hers makeup boxes. The courtship continues as André discovers why humidity is not his friend. Lelia realizes that her true love doesn’t share her grocery shopping philosophy. They do agree, however, that attacking their friends is not to be tolerated.

And that “for Familiar, for worse” needs to be in the wedding vows, no matter what Tay and Rodney claim.

Horribly Familiar is now available on Amazon.

Well, So Much For Making it Easier

Due to a massive communications failure of which I was not aware until after a deadline had gone whooshing past, I spent my blogging time in a four-way e-conversation trying to sort something out and discover why I literally did not get the memo.

As the Air Force Academy student newsletter phrased it so well: Good communication is never having to say, “Huh?!?” Good communication . . . was not achieved.

I’m a third of the way through the edits on Horribly Familiar.

Quick Price and Availability Update

I will be doing some corrections and uploads of clean manuscripts starting on Monday. I will also return the prices on some books to their pre-April level. If you are interested in Shikari at the lower price, and the third and fourth Colplatschki books at their current price, now is the time.

I don’t know how long it will take for the uploaded corrections to go live. (I meant to do this during Spring Break, and I told several people who sent corrections that I’d do it then, but . . . Life.)

Call for Readers


I need a few volunteers to read over Horribly Familiar for typoos, homonym glitches, and awkward turns of phrase.

Contact me at my e-mail if you are interested.

(E-mail can be found on the About page.)

UPDATE: Thanks to all who volunteered! I really appreciate all your offers. I have plenty of eyes now looking at the story. Intensely Familiar is coming along quickly at the moment, so I will probably need some help on that one in June or early July.

May ’20 State of the Author

The draft of Horribly Familiar is done. 75K words. The last section needs to “rest” this week, but it’ll probably be ready for Alpha readers at the end of this week.

I’m thinking that there might be a short story, “Familiar Vows” to bridge the gap between this and the next book, and to cover the adventures of André, Lelia, and the Utah Wedding. A small family affair, only a hundred guests or so . . . Continue reading