Finally Live: Imperial Magic

Imperial Magic, the second full-length novel in the Merchant and Empire series, is now available through Amazon.

Be prepared to learn far too much about furs, laws, and the challenges of being Tycho Rhonarida’s son.

Just what did leave that giant cat-like footprint in the alley behind the wares-house, anyway?


Merchant and Empire: The Book Begins

So, I started the draft of Tycho Rhonarida’s further adventures…

“Twreeeessssss!” The lead great-hauler beside Tycho lunged for the passing ovstrala, trying to bite a chunk out of the hairy, cow-like beast’s shoulder. The northern bovine ignored the bird’s outrage and plodded along as Tycho hauled the female’s head down by the lead rope, then thumped her beside the crimson crest feathers. She hissed again with affronted dignity.

“Nay, you be civil,” her owner warned. “Or Yoorst of the Beasts hear me, I’ll turn you into marrow stew and shoe leather before the next great feast.” Continue reading

Just Dragon In

Daughter of the Pearl is now live!

Lord Chang wants glory, mischief, and a lazy life, not necessarily in that order. What he finds is a Chosen One who refuses to accept power, and evil he could not have imagined.

A stand-alone novel with magic, dragons, treachery, dragons, bad cooking, dragons, and a river so corrupted that it threatens to bring about the end of the world.


Oddly Familiar is at 40K words. I know where the story is going and how to get there. So I’m going to set that aside and work on revisions and edits on Imperial Magic, so I can start preparing that for release.

For those who wondering, Shoshana and her art play a major role, and you finally get to see what a hard-core sorcerer can do when he has to. Do not mess with Uncle Leopard.

Call for Alpha Readers

Howdy! I’m looking for a few brave souls to alpha read Imperial Magic, the sequel to Merchant and Magic. I need comments back by the end of August, if possible.

If you are interested in reading the draft and flagging things that don’t make sense, or truly outstanding tyops, er, typos, please contact me at AlmaTCBoykin AT aol DOT com.

Many thanks!