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A strange beast in Quedlinburg.


A Minor Complication…

Again, from Miners and Empire. Who knows the law?

They stepped into The Sign of the Ore Cart and got a tankard each of small ale, then filled their waterskins before going to the council building. Aedelbert suspected they’d be there a while, and men talking always made the room warm. The building glowed orange in the morning sun, and he wondered if he’d ever get used to that shade of color. It came from diverting mine water and letting it settle, then mixing the results with distilled needle-tree sap and oil. Probably not, but he appreciated the thrift and how the blend stopped rain and wind. The first floor stood in part on columns to allow for a sheltered entry and market area. The council building stood opposite the temples of Gember and Korvaal. When a man in the market faced the council building with his back to those temples, the Scavenger’s place and a little chapel to Waldher sat on the left and a beast market and Yoorst’s temple extended to the right. Radmar and others had smaller places of worship away from the market square, and Maarsdam’s temple had been built into the merchants’ confraternity inn. Other stores and two residences squeezed in between the temples and market and council building. Most of them remained creamy grey or white with paintings on their plaster, not eye-searing orange. Continue reading

So, Who Should Open the Door to the Building?

Short version: the person who does not have their hands full, no matter what sex they happen to be. The younger of the two people, no matter what sex they happen to be. After that it gets messy.

I suppose it is a sign of just how prosperous the western world is, and how few real problems we have, that “Who should open the door to the building” generates so much fuss on the internet. The most simple answer is to look at who has their arms full of packages or is trying to wrangle multiple small children, and open the door for them. Can the other individual physically open the door without help? No? Then you open it for them (provided you won’t drop what you are holding.)

The younger, more able individual opens it for the older or less able person. This is just good manners and being polite, as is the above. Do unto others, et cetera. Continue reading

Soundtrack Review: The Music of Skyrim

Jeremy Soule The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Edited: Confusing sentence has been removed. I apologize for not thinking more clearly about the reference.

Over the past five-8 years, who hasn’t seen some of the screen caps from the game, showing the excellent graphics? Even I’m familiar with the game, although I’ve never played it and don’t intend to. However, I had also heard good things about the music, both soundtrack style and the incidental music in the game. What pushed me into buying it was a review on Grim’s Hall.

Continue reading

Sunday Snippet: The Rest of the Creature

In which a hide remains attached to its owner…. Alas.

Tycho looked at a few of the stalls and goods in the market, and decided that his hunch about more non-magical staples had been a good one. He saw no mage-lights, and one sign for a preservation mage with a large notice warning what the woman could not do. She appeared to be saving her skills for truly vital things like medicines, certain food-stuffs, and leather. Given the new law about magic being a near leb-good until the end of the year, Tycho felt inclined to agree with her stipulation.  Why waste limited resources on luxuries when you needed food and shelter and healing? Continue reading