Bath-ing on the Bath Mat

No mat goes unoccupied at RedQuarters.

Lick, lick, wash, wash.

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Overheard in the Halls: Autumn 2017 Edition

Irked Student: How did this happen? [waves piece of paper] I’m not in either of the study-halls I wanted.

Fr. Pax [headmaster, chief of the schedule software]: That’s because Sr. Perpetua and Mrs. Scales have both asked that you not be in a study-hall with [Overeager] or [Senior Prankster].

I.S.: But we don’t talk. Much.

Fr. Pax: [silent look over glasses]

Mr. Dvorak [passing behind Fr. Pax]: [snort of disagreement]

I.S.: Much.

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If I won the Lottery . . .

A friend of the family gave me a Powerball™ ticket. I’m writing on Friday, the drawing is Saturday. So I have 36 hours to wonder what I would do if I won the lottery.

  1. Get a few things off my Amazon Wish List. And some jewelry I’ve been eyeing, if it has not been sold yet. That accounts for about $1000, total. And maybe that white Edwardian dress, so $1400.
  2. Pay off some things, like my teeth and my pick-up, and help the folks with the new kitchen stuff we need. And with that other house thing that really needs to be done, but that is not an urgent fix. And help Sib and Sib-in-Law with some tweaks on their house.
  3. Give something to the Day Job’s endowment, but anonymously, and not a huge amount.
  4. Give some to various charities, like the Salvation Army, Team Rubicon, and a few other places that I know and trust.

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Organic What?!?

The sign translates “Organic Book Store (Books on Paper)”

This was in the bookstore window in Rinteln, Germany. “Bio-” in German is the same as “organic” in US English. Biokartoffeln, for example, means organic potatoes. “Organisch-” is reserved for things like organic chemistry and other industrial and chemical meanings, which is as it should be (IMHO).

After all the hue-and-cry about paper books being so much better than e-books and e-books are just going to disappear like the fad they are, I just had to take a photo of the cartoon. I don’t know if it was a poster or if it was clipped from a magazine or newspaper.

It was a bit more subtle than the following:

“Who loves* books buys [them] in the bookstore.” The sign was outside an old-n-used book store and was on a sandwich-board, about a meter tall by sixty centimeters wide.

*For those of us who learned German a “few” years ago, using the verb lieben to mean “love of books” is a bit jarring. You were only supposed to use Ich liebe to refer to an individual or G-d. Otherwise you said “Das/Der/Die gefält mich sehr.” Saying “Ich liebe Eis!” [I romantic love ice-cream] got you either giggles or seriously concerned sideways glances.

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