There Can Be Only One!

One laptop, that is. Athena T. Cat does not, I repeat not, like it when I have an art book, large textbook, or computer in my lap. As you can tell by the look she’s giving me.

Days of Our Lockers: Valentine’s Version

A cluster of male students were not-lurking at the end of a cross hall that has some study carrels and tables in it. I had stopped in the main hall to move some fallen locker decorations out of the traffic lane.

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Overheard in the Halls: Part 21

Miss Verbum: Miss Red, a question.

Me: Yes, ma’am?

Miss Verbum: I see that the October Revolution will be in March. Can we move that a week?

Me: Yes ma’am, there’s some flexibility in the schedule.

Miss Verbum: Thank you. [walks toward the work room]

Puzzled Sophomore [to junior]: Huh?

Jaunty Junior: Teachers don’t have to make sense. We have to make sense.

P.S.: [still puzzled] Um, OK.

* * * * * * *

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Church Signs Once More

“Prevent Eternal Warming! Come to Church!”

“Which lasts longer: Eternity or Road Construction?”  (I think the answer to that is “yes.”)

“Happy New Year! A waist is a terrible thing to mind.” (This church is starting a fitness class for members.)

And for the deeply philosophical: “Is anyone really confident about how to pronounce Worcestershire sauce correctly?”

Cajun Christmas Humor

No, not a copy of Gaston the Green-nosed Alligator or The Cajun Night Before Christmas. This is worse. 🙂

You can blame sib-in-law’s brother for this one. Anyone who works as a pirate for a living is going to be a little off kilter. (Yes, he captains a pirate ship. For tourists. He’s having the most fun he’s had since he left the Navy.)

What Do You Mean I’m Not 18 Anymore?!?

So, I went to the gym and lifted yesterday.

Ahem. Apparently my bod decided that this was a good week to point out that I’m 1) tired, 2) have already doubled my bench-press this year, 3) hadn’t eaten anything since my low-cal breakfast six hours before (like, 400 calories), and 4) am no longer young enough to do it all.

The fact of having been going non-stop since, oh, September seems to be attacking me as well.