It snoweth

“Changing to snow after midnight” they said.

They should have specified more clearly which midnight.

If I ignore it, it had better go away.

UPDATE: 1644 CDT. OK, so it is still snowing a little, and I got the story-bible/world guide for the merchant fantasy story written. My brain hurts.

“Don’t be a Cat in the Doorway!”

I have no idea how many times Sib and I heard that growing up. We’d hesitate in the middle of the doorway, either looking at something or trying to make up our mind if we wanted to go out or stay out or come in, and MomRed’s voice would echo down the hallway, ‘Go or come. Don’t be a cat in the doorway!” We heard it almost as often as “Close the icebox door! You’re letting all the cold air out.” Continue reading

Overheard in the Halls, Part Four

Mrs. Heiden: The world religion classes will be in the gym tomorrow. We’re doing tai chi.

Sr. Scholastica (aka The Dean): Thus the dress code change request. Understood. [makes notes] Will you be leading it?

Mrs. Heiden: No, Mrs. Chi from the college continuing ed program will. But I know how. [takes a tai chi pose] If anyone ever tries to mug me in slow motion, I’m ready.


Continue reading

“It Ties the Room Together.”

The small, patches-of-colors rug that held down the floor in the family room at Redquarters reached the point of replacement, or so Mom and Dad Red said. I hadn’t noticed. I just vacuumed it and swept out from under it. Mom and Dad went rug shopping, found an option and placed an order. Said rug was supposed to be small-ish, say 3′ X 6′, and mostly serve to keep the ottoman from scratching the laminate floor. They paid for the small rug and waited.

The new rug arrived. It was installed.

Wait, you say. Install a throw rug? What? Continue reading