Yet More Houseplant Hokey-Pokey

You move the houseplants in, you move the houseplants out.

You check the forecast for the evening.

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Brain-Tired Writer is Brain Tired

Sorry, folks. I used my day off this week to do class prep, and I’m covering for another teacher who is out sick, plus handling my own classes.

Please tell me its Sunday. Please…

Pretty much, but government, not parasitology. Oh, wait…

Content resumes tomorrow.

Overheard in the Halls: Part Fifteen

Me: Nice copier, good copier. [strokes top of copier]

Thpth, thpth, thpth. Beep beep.

I collected my pages and eased out of the workroom and down the hall. Fr. Pax marches in behind me with an arm-full of documents.

I pause to glance into the study-hall to see if anyone is, indeed, studying. From behind me I hear—

Beep BEEP BEEP! [sound of crinkling paper]

Fr. Pax: Irritans damnosum!*

I walked briskly to my classroom.

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Overheard in the Halls: Part 14

Mr. Fizz [chemistry teacher]: Just for once, do not do this to me.

Big copier: Thpppppth beeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeep. [Red light flashes]

Mr. Fizz: Arrrrrgh!  [races down to the other copier to see if he can get everything done in time]

Fr. Romanus shook his head. He and I cleared the jams, and he put his stack of originals on the feed mechanism.

Fr. Romanus: You’re such a good copier, you really are. [Presses buttons]. Such a good copier. [Gently pets lid of copier]

Copier: Thpth. Thpth. Thpth.

Fifty collated, stapled, and trimmed copies later, Fr. Romanus departs.

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Who are You, and Why are You at MY Gym?

Ah, January. When everyone decides that they really need to get in shape, and do it at a gym. I am all in favor of this, so long as they go to someone else’s gym. 😛

I made the mistake of going to the gym Monday morning, mid-morning. Usually, this is between rushes, because the early-birds are all at work (they get there between 0530 – 0630) and the lunch cardio crowd. Alas, everyone else who was off of work apparently went to the gym. Continue reading