Non-Series Works

The General’s Leman”   A romance short story.

Language of the Land A steampunk fantasy novel. An engineer accidentally rediscovers magic. Now a tyrant has a problem.

A Father’s Choice” A short story about the aftermath of the Founders’ War.

Tales from the Uplands A short story collection based on Central Europe

The Lion of Judah” – Two Urban fantasy short stories.

Four Dragon TalesFour stories of dragons in a world that might well be.

Daughter of the Pearl – A Chosen One who refuses to act, a cloud-dancer who likes being the lazy second son, and a river that threatens to destroy the world.

In The Vliets – A steampunk novella of magic and secrets in the channels and canals of Hamburg, Germany.

Wolf of the World”  A dark fantasy/romance set in the Polish Carpathian Mountains. Werewolf meets petrogeologist.

Alexi’s Tale – Urban Fantasy with a Slavic Twist

When Chicken Feet Cross the Highway” – Baba Yaga, Denver traffic, and Real Estate.

The Sweeper and the Storm” – Baba Yaga is not happy.

Chicken Feet and the Firebird” – Darkness and Light war in Rocky Mountain National Park

The Red Horse and the Water of Life” – Five years is nothing to an ageless force like Baba Yaga.

Alexi, Ivan, and the Hidden Heart”  – A firebird is eating Babushka’s tomatoes.

Alexander, Soldier’s Son – a short-story omnibus plus bonus story

Ivan the Purrable and the Twelfth Dancing Princess – Alexi’s children vs. the Sweeper and her ‘Friends.’ A novella.


10 thoughts on “Non-Series Works

    • Yes and No. They are a set of stories, but they don’t fit the two main series, the Cat books (and related works) or the Colplatschki books.

  1. Alexi stories seem to be missing a few for example alexi book 3 “chicken feet and the firebird” refers to another story about Alexi’s confrontation with Rusalka , and story #4 “red horse and water of life” refers to a story when Alexi’s son was kidnapped first time. Those stories are not included in the omnibus or found on amazon

    • The story of the kidnapping of Alexi’s son has never been written, likewise the first collision with the rusalka mentioned in “Chicken Feet and the Firebird.”

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