Signal Boost: The Grey Man – Generations

Jim Curtis’s latest installment in the Grey Man series is now up on Amazon.

A new generation carries on the legacy of service in the latest Grey Man novella… Continue reading


Orange Cashew Chicken (with Banana)

This is one of the few dishes that appears at Redquarters and is cooked entirely in the microwave. The recipe is from the late 1980s, when the “nuke it till it glows” school of cooking was peaking and the microwave oven was THE kitchen tool of the future. As a result, you need a microwave-safe baking dish (we use Corningware™). Be aware too that the cook time will vary because of differing power of your microwave’s “High” setting. Continue reading

Book Review: Milk: A 10,000 Year Food Fracas

Kurlansky, Mark. Milk: A 10,000 Year Food Fracas (NY: Bloomsbury, 2018) Kindle Edition.

Ah, dairy products, a blessing from the gods or an overrated tool of Euro-normitive dietitians who should have known better? Is milk a healthy food or the scourge of the environment? Depends on who you ask, which milk it is, and where you happen to live. Mark Kurlansky provides a detailed, thematic history of dairy products, including the controversies about milk, cheese, ice cream and other milk-based foods. Alas, his political asides drag the tale down from five stars to four, in my opinion. Continue reading

A Legend Appears…

The Great Northern Emperor is not a myth. Some people will be rather…discomfited by this. From Imperial Magic, which is at 52,000 words and climbing.

“Ewoud!” He jumped out of his skin almost. “Did you not hear me? You need to change immediately into your good clothes.” His mother stood in the doorway, fists on hips, eyes wide. “His most imperial majesty is here at the gates. Your father requests your presence with the other sons of the council now.”

“Yes, ma’am.” He trotted past her, not running or racing, then hurried up the steps to his quarters. He changed as quickly as he could, but did not put on his good boots. The slop would spoil the embroidery. He hurried down again, pulled his oiled-linen cloak on over his good clothes, and jammed his feet into foul weather boots, then boot pattens as he collected his staff, then left the house.

“The salt gate!” His mother called after him. He didn’t need directions, given the mass of people who had stopped work and were streaming like spawning fish through the streets, all going to the same place. His fears about the slop in the streets were accurate, and Ewoud saw more than one person slipping in the mix of snow, water, mud, and dung. Not all streets had paving. Ewoud skirted a few groups of people who glowered or cursed those around them, and ducked behind some larger men as Rota the Mad shrieked that the gods had begun to unmake the world and the emperor’s return was the first sign. The old woman shook her fists and struggled to fight against the flow of people. Ewoud threaded between some barrels blocking the traffic way, then hurried as a gap opened up. Continue reading

Where Women Ruled…

The imperial abbey of Quedlinburg had an interesting history. The abbess was one of very few people to have a seat on the Imperial Council of the Holy Roman Empire until the empire’s dissolution in 1804. The church was founded in part to firm-up the Holy Roman Emperors’ control over the Harz Mountains and the Saxon frontier, and to provide a place where sisters and daughters of the upper nobility could serve the Church. Continue reading