Passing on an Ear-Worm

I have absolutely no idea why this decided to afflict me the other day, but here it is.

(Warning: If you think worship and church are absolutely serious and Not To Be Mocked, this is a dreadfully offensive song.)

I suspect there are very, very few bodies of believers that wouldn’t benefit from the occasional squirrel.


O Nata Lux!

“Holy Radiant Light” by Alexandre Gretchaninoff. Alas, the recording of the piece sung by a Russian choir with Russian basses has been taken down.

Holy, Radiant Light Alexandre Gretchaninov (1864–1956) ed. Noble Cain
G. Schirmer, Inc., 8081
Holy, radiant Light,
thou holy radiance of the Father,
glorious and mighty,
thou only begotten Son of God eternal, holy Jesu.
Come we, now, to the hour of setting sun;
the lights of evening ’round us shine;
Holy, o holy ones, Holy trinity eternal,
we sing thy praise, evermore we sing thy praise,
Holy trinity. o holy!
With undefiled lips evermore
thy glory to be praised,
Worthy art thou to be praised evermore.
Holy Son of God, source of ev’ry life,
now all the world doth praise thee,
evermore praise thee, thou Son of God
Holy, radiant Light, praise
thee now and evermore.

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Walking in Darkness

This is my time of year. I love going out after sundown and walking the neighborhood, or driving a few minutes to an older, historic neighborhood and walking back and forth, up and down the blocks, looking at lights and enjoying the dark spots. Times like Tuesday night, when the wind has settled and the air feels chilly but not bitter. I set a pace and go, walking and walking, covering miles without noticing. Continue reading

Roads and Music

For some reason, probably the season, my musical mind has been wandering down roads. Country roads, roads home, whale-roads, various byways and highways.

People have been listening to “road music” or at least to pace-keeping sounds for a very long time. One of my favorite albums, which can only be found in Spain, is a collection of music for pilgrims on the route to Santiago Campostello. It starts with a brisk march, the lyrics of which say “We are all going to Campostello, to see the great thing there.”

And of course, in the 1970s, John Denver popularized “Country Roads.” It was even in the songbook I had in grade-school.

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Seasonal Music – All Hallows Eve

So, I was tied up writing the Cat Christmas story for this year, and had a concert to assist with, and Day Job work. This week is…Odd, even by my standards, and that’s just taking into account the Knowns and the Known-Unknowns. [h/t Sec. Rumsfeld]

The spooky, Satanic, and scary have fascinated musicians for quite a while. Some of the compositions are better known than others, and some have become seasonal icons. One of those is:

In a way Saint-Saens was nodding to the Baroque composer C. W. Gluck. The “Dance of the Furies” from “Orpheus and Euridice” is not as creepy, but just as frenetic, a bit like “Hall of the Mountain King.” (Which is an interesting music-history story in itself.)

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