Comments Open

I’m back and comments are open. Had a good visit with the family and got lots of blog fodder, plus unblocked on two of the three major works in progress. I’ll be sending the next Colplatschki book to the editor and cover artist this week, for a mid-February release.

Do they Know?

The weather changed a wee bit the evening of Monday, November 10, 2014. By wee bit I mean a blue norther blew in just after sunset that dropped the temperature from 85 degrees to 35 degrees in three hours. For a while it was dropping one degree every 90 seconds. Yes, I was staring at the thermometer as clouds of dust and leaves hissed and roared past Schloß Red. Earlier that afternoon, I’d taken advantage of the arrival of a sheet of clouds and the calm wind to take a last walk before it got “chilly.” And I noticed something interesting. Continue reading


Music to Write By

Some writers need music – they cannot focus without tunes to help set a mood, or provide a soundtrack for the pictures and words inside their heads. Others shun extraneous sounds as a distraction. I tend to fall somewhere in between the groups – at times I need music (often as a form of ‘white noise’) and at other times I prefer quiet. When I do use music, my selections tend to be eclectic. Continue reading

State of the Author and Blog Admin Note

I’m battling a grey dog. Dental work, plus a bad flying weather forecast, plus post-concert let-down, plus not being pleased with where I am on any of the 3 novels in progress, has me down. I apologize in advance for the short blog posts this week and next.

Because I will have limited internet access next week, I will be closing comments so that no one is stuck, getting frustrated in moderation. Thank you for your understanding.


Outfits, Costumes, and Conniption Fits

So another Halloween has come and gone with the Usual Suspects decrying anyone who dares to wear a sombrero, kimono, grass skirt, or beaded headband. Such benighted individuals (the wearers of insensitive outfits [and there’s a glaring assault on English grammar, at least the version I learned]) are guilty of disrespect, cultural appropriation, racism, and other vile thought crimes for daring to disrespect proud ethnic and cultural traditions. Sombreros, embroidered peasant dresses, leather jackets with beading and fringe, eating jerky while wearing a flannel shirt (no I am not kidding), harem costumes (think I Dream of Genie), and turbans and keffiyehs are out (unless you are showing that you stand with Palestinians against the eeevil Zionist oppressors). And once again I looked in my closet and wondered which dirndl or Trachtenanzug to wear to work. Continue reading

To Dad Red, Uncle P.,

“Grandpa” Carl, Uncle W.; Tex, Gerald, Ross, John, Gene, Matt, Bill, Greg, Mike, and my other CAF friends and mentors; Cyn, Jeff, Foxfier, Walter, Mike, J.Y., Courtney, and my other IRL and on-line friends who have served or are serving in the military: