The Ides of April

For a little tax-day levity, go visit “Allegra and Ruby Assist with Tax Preparation.

I had to pay a little this year. The revised allowable professional deductions got me.

Howdy, Instapunderati! Welcome, and thanks for dropping by. 🙂


Turn the Dark Back On!

There’s a subset of women’s history/environmental history that holds that electric light was not entirely a good thing for women. With brighter, steadier light, dirt could be seen more easily. Thus cleaning became more intense and time-consuming. This in turn led to further devaluing of women’s labor and deprived women of the free time they’d previously had.

I’ll wait for those familiar with pre-vacuume-cleaner house-keeping to finish laughing and catch their breaths.

And then the kitchen light died. Continue reading

Estimating and Applied Math

Peter Grant had a piece about the frustrations of people who depend on computers and can’t (or won’t or don’t have time) to double-check what went into the computer and the numbers that come out. When DadRed was tutoring in the public schools, he encountered an absolute absence of the ability to estimate and round.

Now, I am not exactly innumerate, but close. Doing math in my head hurts. I do it, and do it often, but it is not easy and requires complete concentration. When that’s not possible – say, when I’m in the grocery store – I estimate. Continue reading

The Sins (?) of Our Fathers

“Mark Twain was racist!”

“Robert Heinlein was sexist!”

“Jane Austin supported the patriarchy!”

“Dickens was a … he’s just boring.”

If all you read of Dickens is Bleak House or Ye Old Curiosity Shop then I’ll grant the last one. But otherwise, demands that people not read certain books because they do not meet the standards of the last five minutes serves as an example of the painful presentism of the modern censors and regulators of moral purity. Continue reading

Thoughts Upon Sitting Still

Very few people can do it successfully. Or even harder, to stand still. Not stand in place but wiggle, fidget, look up at the birdies, and so on, but stand or sit without moving in a noticeable fashion.

The military teaches people how to do it. OK, “teaches” might be a little too kind of a description. Things like choir are supposed to encourage you to learn how to stay relatively motionless without passing out. But dang, I watch people on live TV, such as in the background of a speaker (POTUS*, preacher, choir during a concert) and the wiggling!

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Who are You, and Why are You at MY Gym?

Ah, January. When everyone decides that they really need to get in shape, and do it at a gym. I am all in favor of this, so long as they go to someone else’s gym. 😛

I made the mistake of going to the gym Monday morning, mid-morning. Usually, this is between rushes, because the early-birds are all at work (they get there between 0530 – 0630) and the lunch cardio crowd. Alas, everyone else who was off of work apparently went to the gym. Continue reading