Pick One!

So which one is it? Women don’t go into STEM because there aren’t enough female role models, because we don’t like “geek culture” stuff, or because we aren’t smart enough. Pick one, dang it, and stick with it.

What? You didn’t know that Star Trek, Star Wars, and other sci-fi things were sexist and off-putting to women? That’s according to a librarian at MIT, so it must be true. Especially since there is an academic study to support the assertion (“Ambient Belonging: How Stereotypical Cues Impact Gender Participation in Computer Science” by Cheryan et al in Journal of Personality and Social Psychology, 2009, Vol. 97, No. 6, 1045–1060) Continue reading


Women, Firearms, Skirts, and TV Follies

So, according to a pundit on CNN, women don’t (or can’t) carry concealed firearms because we wear skirts and dresses, and we’d have to wear a jacket all the time over a dedicated belt-n-holster rig like police officers and sheriffs wear. And ladies just don’t want to do that.

*Waits for guffaws and howls of laughter to finish*

I’ll grant that if you have to wear a knee-length, fitted, sleeveless sheath dress, your attire does present some technical difficulties. But what if you don’t work for Fox News? Continue reading


On the trip this past summer, my group opted to go out onto an island to look at the Baltic. The island is rather large, and protects the city from the Baltic’s infamous winter storms. However, that day all was well, and we hoped that since tourist season had not officially started, things would be pretty quiet.

So peaceful, and quiet. It was about 75 degrees F, with a light breeze to keep the bugs away.

The island of Rugen, where we went, is a lumpy chunk of north Germany, rockier and with more variety of scenery than the mainland. We passed freshwater marshes, forests, nice farms, and lots of cars. Apparently we were not the only people trying to get ahead of the rush. Continue reading


Welcome, Instapundit readers! Thanks for stopping by.

“Just one sunburn increases your chances of getting cancer by 100%!”

“People who don’t eat [food] have a 20% greater risk of colon cancer!”

“You have all the risk factors for skin cancer.”

“People with a family history of [malady] have a 40% greater chance of getting [malady] than the rest of the population does.”

Sigh. Just what my nerves need to hear. But what is my risk? What are the odds of my having [malady]? You notice that the news articles never really give you that information? Continue reading

Explosive Cyclogenesis: Or Enough With “Bomb Storm” Already

Once again, the various national media outlets have taken a perfectly useful technical term and turned it into something a la “Sharknado.” Without the funny bits and parody material (OK, so I liked it when the shark ghost came out of the bucket of water at the charity car wash. I’m strange, yes.)

Bombogenesis was a technical term developed after 1945 to describe a rapidly strengthening low-pressure system. The technical term was explosive cyclogenesis. Low pressure systems in North America are all, technically, cyclones and demonstrate cyclonic rotation. Tornadoes are cyclones, but most cyclones are not tornadoes. Clear as mud? OK, moving on. Continue reading

Walking in Darkness

This is my time of year. I love going out after sundown and walking the neighborhood, or driving a few minutes to an older, historic neighborhood and walking back and forth, up and down the blocks, looking at lights and enjoying the dark spots. Times like Tuesday night, when the wind has settled and the air feels chilly but not bitter. I set a pace and go, walking and walking, covering miles without noticing. Continue reading