Happy Thanksgiving, Canada!

Any wagers on if the Prime Minister is wearing socks with turkeys on them?*

Roast goose, Alsatian-style.

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In Praise of Pockets

Many, many years ago, a lady physician wrote into the Journal of the American Medical Association, JAMA with the following observation. “Freud was wrong. Women have pocket envy.” Mom read the letter aloud, I giggled, and had to agree. I had already reached the age where pocketage helped determine if I wanted the garment or not. And had experienced the frustration of women’s fashion and pockets. Continue reading

The Occultation of the Past

So the latest folly in the history wars, at least as of 1100 CDT on Monday, comes to us from Camden, North Carolina. A piece of artwork done several years ago that depicts the presidents of the United States and the Confederate States of America was removed preemptively by school officials from a display in the high school. No one had complained yet, but just in case anyone decided to find the past offensive, the double portrait came down. History that might offend must be removed, expunged from the public eye, because of a momentary shift in the popular wind.

I disagree with Mark Steyn on some things, but not this one: https://www.steynonline.com/8060/the-totalitarianism-of-the-now

Short version: beware of anyone who wants to erase the past and start anew. They’re probably not going to succeed, and they’re not going to learn much, either. Continue reading

Political Vampires

There’s a joke that the word politics comes from the Greek ‘Poly” meaning many and “ticks” meaning blood-sucking insect. I’m not inclined to argue etymology—or entomology—but after watching part of a documentary about the Voyager program, I realized that political activists have sucked the joy out of a whole lot of places, including science, and planetary exploration. Instead of rejoicing over new discoveries and amazing accomplishments, the only thing on the news is division, accusation, and the infamous Shirt-storm. What in the name of little green apples happened? Continue reading

Travels with the iLeash: A Meditation on Communication

This past June was the first time I have gone to Europe with an iLeash (smart phone). It would have been better if I’d left it at home. Not because of cost, since my carrier is DeutscheTelekom, so there are no roaming or other fees aside from the usual data cap type stuff, and that includes calls from there to the US and vice versa. Although the wrong number that called from Pittsburg PA at 0200 German Daylight Time probably wondered what the h-ll happened, since I answered in German. No, it’s because of internet. Continue reading

That Didn’t Take Long


“Take Down Monuments to Native American Oppression” states the opinion essay by Julian Brave NoiseCat (Secwepemc/St’at’imc) in the High Country Journal. The author argues that once Lee, Jackson, Forrest and other statues are gone, streets re-named, schools re-named, and the human face and valor of those who fought for the Confederacy or who owned slaves have all been eradicated, it is time for Columbus, Father Serra,* Juan Oñate, and others to vanish as well, lest any honor be given to the perpetrators of genocide, slavery, and racism. Continue reading