Long Week or Short Week?

Well, if the World Series goes to seven games, it’s gonna be a long one around Redquarters.

MomRed bleeds Astros orange. It’s a familial affliction, er, tendency. Her father played for the original Texas-Louisiana League back in the 1920s-early 30s, before his work in the oil patch sent him all over the US and elsewhere. He followed the Astros almost from their founding, sitting in the back room of the house, eating pistachios (red), and listening to the games on the radio.

Back when the cheap seats in the Astrodome really were cheap, Papa (my grandfather), Sib, Mom, and I would go and cheer for Jose Cruz and watch a game a year live. That was back when the announcers had to explain that the crowd wasn’t booing, but calling out, “Cruuuuuuuuuuuuuz.”

So the Astros making the World Series is a bit of a big deal, especially since the Texans (feetball) aren’t doing so well this year. It could be a long, or short, week.

And Amarillo’s new minor-league team, the Sodpoodles, won their championship.


Afflicted by Affirmations

I know that some people find affirmations very useful. They can be encouraging, can give some people strength and security, and can help people “reprogram” themselves after bad experiences and emotional problems.

But certain manufacturers have gone too far, in my irritated opinion. Continue reading

Well, that was new…

I’ve had class interrupted by fire drills, intruder drills, the Birthday Howl, parents seeking children (phone call from the office), teachers seeking students, the Joker and Batman chasing each other through the lecture theater (Halloween at Flat State U). . .

This was the first time I’ve had class interrupted by a conch shell trumpet. Two classrooms away.

Someone has a good set of lungs.

Adventure Tales: Or Why I Like Haggard, Talbot Mundy, and Burroughs

A re-run in honor of the release of Pouchling and Hopling

Short version: because they have fun, or at least you get the sense that they were having fun when they wrote their stories. Tarzan, Athelstane King, Alan Quartermain, none of them spent long hours pondering the meaning of existence and the shallowness of bourgeois society. Nope, they explored, fought, played the Great Game by Asia’s own rules and won, dared to pursue the beautiful woman and won her hand and her respect, stood up for their honor and kept their word. And the books are a romp that leave you feeling better and dreaming of your own adventure when you finish. Continue reading