This is the Feast of Crispin

Ah, October 25, one of those dates that means a lot to a very few people. A date immortalized by one of the greatest poems in English, a poem we don’t recall as poetry.

Would that I could write that well!

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15 thoughts on “This is the Feast of Crispin

  1. An impeccable speech to describe outstanding courage on a day of incredible events. He was, truly, THE Bard.

  2. I can still recite it from memory, because for many years my mother and I made a point of celebrating Crispin’s Day. What glorious, stirring words!

  3. Shakespeare didn’t write just poems, plays or sonnets he wrote symphonies using words instead of notes

  4. Worth mentioning that the 25th is also the anniversary of the Battle of Balaclava (1854), from which Tennyson took inspiration for his poem The Charge of the Light Brigade. Interestingly, it is also the anniversary of the Battle off Samar (1944). Agincourt, the light brigade’s charge, and Taffy 3’s stand at Samar are all notable for involving improbable military victories by outnumbered combatants (though a Phyrric victory in the light brigade’s case).

  5. Quite the Coincidence!

    I teach a college physics class and, yesterday, because of the large number of absences and the importance of the lecture for an upcoming test, I was inspired to recite to the class a short portion of Shakespeare’s, “St. Crispin’s Day Speech” from the play “Henry V”. My short and paraphrased version went like this:

    “These few, these happy few, this band of siblings. For those who are not here today will find themselves accursed for having missed this.”

    Well, today, thanks to Instapundit, to my great surprise I found out that October 25th, was St. Crispian’s day! I truthfully and honestly have to say that I did not know or, if ever did, I didn’t remember that it was so but I am delighted at the coincidence. Certainly, as a study of leadership skills, it is unequaled. Specially, if you want men to go fight and kill themselves for you or students to fear missing out on a lecture.

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