New (Anthology) Release!

Some masters of liar’s-poker, um, associates, er, friends, ah, fellow tellers-of-tales and Yours Truly have a collection of short stories now available. They range from fantasy to sci-fi to western to all over the place.

There’s something for everyone. The e-book version is now live, and dead-tree will become available soon.


Friday News

Intensely Familiar is now available.

All is not well when André returns to the US after a six-month deployment. His wife needs help, he’s exhausted, and something strange stalks the mages of Riverton. Something that seems to know a little too much about some of the magic workers and their habits . . .

Author Note: This is a darker book than earlier volumes in this series (I know, I know). I chose to leave it that way. The next two volumes are lighter.