New Release: The Scavenger’s Gift

The Scavenger – god of death, and loss, and those who survive at the edges. And the god of miners.

What happens when a metal trader, sworn to Maarsdam, enters the Scavenger’s realm?


Signal Boost: For those interested in space opera and hard sci-fi, Peter Grant’s third book about Cochrane’s Company, The Pride of the Damned, is now available. I alpha read the first two and they are excellent.

Edited to add: SIGH. The Muse just informed me that there will be a third book following the WIP, again from Tycho’s view point. I think it will be called “Merchant and Empire.” Grrrrrrrrrrr.


But do the Young Readers Want to Read It?

One the way back from LibertyCon, Dorothy Grant read a review of a new book. Said review filled my buzzword-bingo card in the first paragraph, and the three of us laughed and groaned.

On a whim, a few days later I went to the publisher’s website to see what their take on the book was. Rather less entertaining than the earlier review, but the “Colonizer’s Comeuppance” headline is what I consider fair warning, as is the first paragraph of the blurb. Other on-line reviews… let’s just say that the half-unicorn sounds waaaaaayyyyy too passive and accepting of torment than I care to read about. If I want martyrs I’ll go through the beautiful art-book I got about saints’ lives.

I went looking at the site’s YA book reviews, out of curiosity more than anything, and with a little fear that they might not be what I’d have wanted to read when I was YA age. After all, this is, and they’ve been pretty clear about encouraging diversity in authors and characters without always focusing on story. Continue reading

LibertyCon AAR 2018

So there I was, driving to Chattanooga with Peter and Dorothy Grant, when the skies turned as dark as the Earl of Hell’s riding boots, and frog-strangling rain cut loose. Not exactly an auspicious start to the weekend, although I don’t object to rain. I do object to rain so heavy the wipers can’t keep the windscreen clear, however. Turns out we managed to arrive with the worst weather of the day, and it moved through relatively quickly. By the time I could check into my hotel, it was just cool and damp. Cool is good in the south in late June. Continue reading

Maybe more Ducktape?

Howdy, Instapunderati! Thanks for dropping by. And for those who are wondering, I deliberately used the brand name (Ducktape), not the specific kind (duct tape).

Half-timbered (Fachwerk) buildings in Germany.

The above is what everyone thinks about when you talk about the quaint half-timbered buildings in Europe. Below are some of the fixer-upper versions. Continue reading

Summer of Steampunk

Blame Jon del Arroz. I attended the steampunk panel at LibertyCon, and Jon announced that 1) he’s got the next two books in the steampunk series coming out in August and September and 2) he’s trying to revive steampunk as a genre, and is starting a #SummerofSteampunk campaign. (Scroll down toward the bottom of the post.)

I don’t tweet, twit, Gab, or whatever they are calling it this week, but I agree with Jon, and not just because I have a steampunk novel and novella available for sale. Continue reading

Dragon Awards Still Open!

The fan-choice awards administered by Dragon*Con are still open, until July 20.

Please register and nominate. Talk to your sci-fi and fantasy reading and watching friends as well, because these are truly popular awards based on what fans like.

Of my works, the following qualify: Both Shikari books, Grasping for the Crowns,  Strangely Familiar, In Sheltering Talons, Merchant and Magic, and Golden Summer.

By category: fantasy – Merchant and Magic, Strangely Familiar

Alternate history – Grasping for the Crowns

Sci-fi – Shikari and Staré, In Sheltering Talons, Golden Summer

YA – Shikari and Staré, because the category is based on protagonist age rather than how the book is marketed.

Even if you don’t nominate anything of mine, please consider nominating a book, film, game, TV show, or in other categories. This is by fans for fans, and the more people who nominate, the better it is!

State of the Author and Book Updates – July ’18

Tired. I greatly enjoyed LibertyCon and the trip to and from. It was neat to meet people in person, renew a few acquaintances, finally get a piece of cake from City Diner (Seven Deadly Sins, for those who wondered. And I ate all of it in one sitting. It was very, very, very good.) Now I’m tired and a bit brain numb. Something about a story ambushing me while en route… Continue reading