Product Review: Buffalo Gold Socks

Long time readers know that I am very picky about shoes and socks. I stand a lot on cement floors, and walk several miles a day (or try to) on asphalt and cement. I won’t wear shoes I can’t run in. Socks have to be durable, have a little padding, and not rub. Most of what I wear are Smartwool and the house-brand dress socks from Vermont Country Store, all wool. In 2018, I got curious about the All-Things-Buffalo store (HerdWear) in Goodnight, TX, and wandered in. I wandered out with some snacks, some books, mitts, and socks. They are great socks, but they are a three wool blend and require special washing. Then I found these heavier-duty buffalo socks. Continue reading


Book/Product Review: The Book of Mormon – A Reader’s Edition

Before I start, a big neon-sign warning – this is NOT the place to debate The Book of Mormon or the teachings of the Church of Jesus Christ of the Latter-Day Saints (also called Mormons). I’m reviewing an edition of the Book of Mormon that I found useful. Thus this is more of a product review than a true book review.

Hardy, Grant. The Book of Mormon: A Reader’s Edition. (University of Illinois Press, 2005) Kindle edition.

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Product Review: Shark Vacuum Cleaner

It sucks very well, perhaps too well for my peace of mind. It moves easily. It is awkward to get used to, and feels off balance. You can see the grunge you get out of the carpet. The bad news is, you can see the grunge you get out of the carpet.

It is the Shark Lift-Away True Pet. The filters are washable, so there is no longer a need to stockpile air filters in anticipation of them being discontinued. Instead of a bag, it has a clear canister that you remove and empty into the garbage. The cord is not as long as the old WindTunnel, but it is long enough for what I need. Continue reading

Product Review: Salsa Mix

You come home from fairs with interesting things, some times. In this case, it was a new-to-me product that is a salsa mix, from Simple Salsa ( ). The can has the dry ingredients. All you do is add a can of crushed or diced tomatoes, blend with one scoop of the dry stuff, let sit for 10-15 minutes for the dry vegetables to rehydrate and the flavors to mingle, and you have salsa. Continue reading

Product Review: Buffalo Wool Mitts

Short version – I love these soft, warm, non-scratchy mitts.

Longer version – A store named Herd Wear opened on US 287 at Goodnight, on the road leading to the Charlie Goodnight house and museum. I passed it multiple times going to and fro, but never stopped in. The place advertises buffalo products and western stuff, as well as fine art. And it has a buffalo herd.

On the last trip back from Tinytown, North Texas, I was very, very disappointed to discover that the pecan palace in Chillicothe was not open yet (Sunday at ten, spring break week.) Since I didn’t have that time and funds consuming stop, I decided what the heck, I’d look into HerdWear.

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Product Review: L. L. Bean Full-length down coat

Quick version – great coat, does what it’s supposed to, water-resistant, order a size up from your usual.

Longer version – I needed a new long winter coat, one for dress and Day Job. I have one that is nice, boiled wool, but it is not wind or water-resistant and really not suitable for serious winter wear. I’ve made do for a while, but it was becoming a safety issue. So I asked for this coat for Christmas. Continue reading

Soundtrack Review: The Music of Skyrim

Jeremy Soule The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.

Edited: Confusing sentence has been removed. I apologize for not thinking more clearly about the reference.

Over the past five-8 years, who hasn’t seen some of the screen caps from the game, showing the excellent graphics? Even I’m familiar with the game, although I’ve never played it and don’t intend to. However, I had also heard good things about the music, both soundtrack style and the incidental music in the game. What pushed me into buying it was a review on Grim’s Hall.

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