Gingerbread Cathedrals

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I love gingerbread, the spicier the better. Aachener Printen with bits of candied ginger? Yum. Ginger cake with double the spices and Guinness (or any good stout) in the dough? Excellent. Cleaning stuck gingerbread out of molds for making gingerbread houses? Ah, no thanks, but I appreciate the offer.

So when I see things like the following, I admire the artistry and engineering, and have zero desire to try them at home. Continue reading


That Time of Year

So there I was, strolling into Day Job, and motion caught my eye. A huge mound of… shrubbery approached from eight o’clock low. Truly enormous heap of greenth. I could hear wheels on pavement, so I was not too worried about this being an attack by killer tomatoes (zombie killer tomatoes if they were still moving after the other night’s freeze), but rolling bushes are not exactly common out here unless they are dried and the wind is blowing.

Then the heap-o-greens pivoted and I realized it was the chief of maintenance moving the Christmas tree from the garage into the rotunda so the Student Council could lead the decorating. Continue reading

Sermon Gadding

In the 1600s and 1700s in England, a number of writers and preachers complained vociferously about the terrible practice of “sermon gadding,” and the problems it was causing their parish churches. Parishioners must stay in their own parishes! This business of going about and visiting different churches, or leaving one’s assigned parish to hear a minister reputed to have entertaining sermons was disruptive, disrespectful, and a threat to public order!

I can see a number of clergy alternating between shaking their heads at the folly and musing about the “good old days.” Continue reading

Art, Modern.

In the WIP, someone writing catalogue copy makes a wee, minor error in placing the artist Paul Klee as post-Expressionist. No, I have no idea why my mind went there, other than this is the semester in the class I teach where art goes from “at worst, not too bad” to “arrrrgh get it away, get it away!”

I’m not a fan of what follows the Impressionists, in case you hadn’t guessed. There are exceptions, but I’d wager that 80% of 20th century art will never find a place on my walls or as computer wallpaper. Continue reading

Three-D Thinking

Way back when, my highschool still offered shop classes. I took drafting and metal working. Of the two drafting did me more long-term good, but wreaked havoc on my grades. It is said that women have more difficulty visualizing things in three dimensions – spatial imaging. This sample of one certainly fits the pattern. I can draw things from life, measure carefully, get the scale correct, and so on. But present me with two views and have me draw the third? I was very proud of that C+.

And then came instrument flying… Continue reading