A Rose is a Rose but what Kind of Rose?

Floribunda, Old Rose, rambler, climber, hybrid tea, damask… There seem to be scads, if not thousands, of different kinds of roses. They come in all shapes and sizes, from miniatures to climbers and ramblers that will take over the entire landscape, very simple flowers to flowers that make bees wonder if they’ve fallen into an M.C. Escher drawing, colors from pure white to deep purple to almost black to “all-of-the-above.” Some thrive from being ignored, some almost require being tucked in every night. After DYCs*, roses seem to be the largest swath of generic flowers. “What is that?”

“A rose.”

“What kind?”


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It Followed Me Home…

This was supposed to be a year of rest and watching the plants do their thing. Mom and Dad Red and I had pretty much decided that we wouldn’t get many plants, because so many had over-wintered quite well, and because of one or more of us being gone for long stretches at various points during the summer. Yes, we’d fill a few holes, and annuals are an annual routine, but no major buys.

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