All Nipped Out

It’s that time of year. Athena T. Cat has a fresh catnip sock. Forget getting any sort of intelligent conversation out of her.

Is there anything that does to dogs what catnip does to cats?

And no, she doesn’t seem to get the munchies after napping on her ‘nip.


The Ides of April

For a little tax-day levity, go visit “Allegra and Ruby Assist with Tax Preparation.

I had to pay a little this year. The revised allowable professional deductions got me.

Howdy, Instapunderati! Welcome, and thanks for dropping by. 🙂

Getting Athena Cat Detailed

I’ve mentioned before that once a month or so, Athena goes to the cat-wash. DadRed has mild dander allergies, and every cat that has passed through RedQuarters has gone to the groomers to get washed monthly.

This is called “a spa visit” or “getting detailed.”

However, one afternoon when I got home from work, I saw this:

Something’s missing.

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