Bath-ing on the Bath Mat

No mat goes unoccupied at RedQuarters.

Lick, lick, wash, wash.

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Housecat Update Sept. ’17

Athena T. Cat has been under the weather. A few weeks ago, I woke to find a miserable cat who had left blood-tinged puddles in various places around the house, along with stool. She already had a vet appointment scheduled for her annual shot and check up, and Dad and I worried that she might have a colon problem. It turns out she probably had a bladder stone.

Not long after she got back from the vet, she voided a great deal. And then kept leaking blood and urine. She spent the night in intensive bathroom, laying on the mat and looking pathetic. All of my readers who have passed stones are moping and wincing in sympathy, I’m sure. She went back to the vet the next day and, since white cells were found in her urine, got an antibiotic shot. Did the UTI lead to the stones, or was the UTI a byproduct of semi-blockage by stones? We don’t know and it’s a bit moot at this point.

She moped for a few more days, then perked up and all seemed well. We got her a new, stand-up water dish, which she seemed to like and make use of, and encouraged her to drink lots and lots. All seemed well.

Then she had another bout of hematuria.

She is now on bladder-stone reduction chow. Gigancat had similar problems, enough so that he was eventually, ahem, replumbed, his urinary tract shortened and straightened to allow for easier passage of anything. That worked and he had ten more years of being a pest before complications of diabetes got to him.

Bladder stones are rarer in cats than dogs, but are relatively common up here, just like kidney stones in humans.


You hear that?

The kittens were feeling frisky on Monday. They were frisky-ing around in the small hedge outside my office’s front window, rustling and bustling and occasionally hopping onto the ledge, then pouncing down into the shrubbery. Athena was perplexed. Continue reading

Sudden Attack of the Cutes

Once a month Athena T Cat  goes to the cat wash. DadRed has mild dander allergies, and having her scrubbed and de-dandered helps keep things from getting out of hand. It also thins out her two coats of hair, reducing hairballs (as does daily brushing). Athena has strong, loud, opinions about being transported to the cat wash. Loud, vociferous, constant opinions, including words I can’t use on this blog. I have no idea where she learned them from, either. I certainly don’t use that kind of language around the cat. Continue reading