If You Don’t Talk to Your Cat About Catnip…

Athena T. Cat, nipped out.

The season for fresh catnip has arrived. Athena, being a feline of mature years, no longer goes wild with fresh catnip in a clean sock. She just breathes deeply of the fumes and gets spacey. Continue reading



Athena likes to nap with her head in my boots as I air them out. I have no idea why. She was fully booted until just before the flash went off.

Cat Trees

Someone wound up here last week by looking for cat trees. So, since I’m busy elsewhere [cough*grading*cough], have some cat trees.

Cat trees, for those not living with cats, are platform-tower combinations of varying degrees of complexity and fanci-ness, all built for the use and pleasure of house cats. Many of us put the “tree” where the cat can see out the window, and enjoy “smell-o-vision” when the weather permits.

Yep, seriously First World. 😀

A literal interpretation of cat trees.

Even more literal, with a litter-box hiding in the bottom.

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