Cat Post

Because I haven’t done my part to keep teh Intertubez full of cats.

The shift supervisor in the live-plant department at Wildseed Farm, Fredericksburg, TX.

I think my neck would break if I tried sleeping like that. I know my hamstrings would go on strike!
Same cat, different metering.

Aliens. Natural skincare. Ooooooohhh kay. Also Fredericksburg, TX.

Product Review: MosoNatural air cleaners

MomRed decided that the litter box was too stout. Specifically, the scent of the litter box, whenever we couldn’t open the window for a few minutes/day to air the cat’s bathroom. So she decided that a charcoal bag was called for. Now, I didn’t notice a problem, but I spend more time around that part of the house, and so my nose might be more accustomed to kitty’s whiffy biffy. That, and I stir the litter several times a day (hourly) when I’m home, so it airs better. When I’m a Day Job, that doesn’t get done as often. Continue reading


Somewhere there’s a cat on the bed.

Calico cat, grey and black fur throw . . .

I needed to make the bed. Athena was having nothing of it. She’d already jumped up onto the bed five times since 0130 and enough was enough.

Me: Athena, I need to make the bed.

Athena: Zzzzzzzzzzz.

Me: Athena, I can’t make the bed with you on it.

Athena: Since I’m here, it’s made. Zzzzzzzzz.

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