Caution: Cat in Road

I think I need to get traffic cones.

It appears that Athena has reconciled herself to the Texas-sized throw-rug. She has also discovered, as cats are wot to do, that by flopping in this corner, she can obstruct traffic between the kitchen, living room, den, and library.

“I win.”

No matter what happens, the cat will find a way. She also gets drive-by petting.

I really do think I need to pick up a set of those little traffic cones that they use when teaching pre-schoolers how to ride tricycles.

“Don’t be a Cat in the Doorway!”

I have no idea how many times Sib and I heard that growing up. We’d hesitate in the middle of the doorway, either looking at something or trying to make up our mind if we wanted to go out or stay out or come in, and MomRed’s voice would echo down the hallway, ‘Go or come. Don’t be a cat in the doorway!” We heard it almost as often as “Close the icebox door! You’re letting all the cold air out.” Continue reading

Due to a Case of Life Happening . . .

notably a combination of other people’s field trips, a concert (mine), and prepping for a meeting, real content will resume tomorrow.

Until then:

ExCUZE me! I was napping here.

I’m taking up a collection for the relief of the Venetian Blinds… Are you using that really large and well-padded cat bed? Can I try it? Just to see if it fits, that’s all.

“It Ties the Room Together.”

The small, patches-of-colors rug that held down the floor in the family room at Redquarters reached the point of replacement, or so Mom and Dad Red said. I hadn’t noticed. I just vacuumed it and swept out from under it. Mom and Dad went rug shopping, found an option and placed an order. Said rug was supposed to be small-ish, say 3′ X 6′, and mostly serve to keep the ottoman from scratching the laminate floor. They paid for the small rug and waited.

The new rug arrived. It was installed.

Wait, you say. Install a throw rug? What? Continue reading

Ice Sheets – Interrupted

The blog post originally scheduled for today has been postponed due to long editing time and authorial foolishness. I accidentally left the main page at Amazon’s KDP uploading site and lost half an hour’s work.

Because sometimes facepaw is just not enough.

Because sometimes facepaw is just not enough.

Yes, I know better. I need to add some additional material and check a climatology reference before the glacier post goes live.

On the up-side, the steampunk fantasy Language of the Land should be available today or tomorrow. An engineer discovers magic. What could possibly go wrong? A lot, if you are a tyrant.

And someone is not thrilled about being on a vet-ordered weight loss diet . . .

A cat can dream...

A cat can dream…