T.N.N. – Teacher News Network

Some weeks back I wandered into the main workroom at Day Job to make a copy and see if I had any mail. Two large bags of popcorn slouched on top of the big table. By large, I mean two feet tall, and almost as round, or so it seemed. One had been opened the day before during an open house event. The other remained unsampled, as best I could tell.

I made my copy and read the tag on the unopened bag. “Kettle Corn.” Oh. Oh dear. Beside the big bag was a smaller bag with fold-your-own popcorn boxes. So I did. It was perfect kettle corn, a little sweet, a little salty, but not overwhelming.

As I was munching away, Mrs. Hankie (the middle-school counselor) came in. She gave me a curious look. I held up the box. “Kettle corn. High fiber, low fat.”

“Kettle corn?” She came over and sampled a bite. “Ooh. That’s my weakness.”

Munch, munch, munch.

When I returned almost two hours later, still before lunch, almost half the huge sack of kettle corn was gone. The Teachers’ News Network had struck again.


9 thoughts on “T.N.N. – Teacher News Network

  1. Sounds lovely. Kind of like putting something out at the coffee station at an engineering place of work. Engineers are like vultures especially with anything sweet. When DEC was laying folks off in the early ’90s I figured they could have trimmed the population by putting fatty sweet things (fritters, donuts, pastries, etc) out at the coffee station. Most software engineers were so out of shape that something like that would have done us in with hardening of the arteries in a week or two.

  2. At least nobody popped popcorn in the microwave and took it with them, leaving only the ‘smell’ of popcorn… sigh

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