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Behold, mushy peas. Yes, they come in a tin, or you can make them at home. (Marrowfat peas can be used instead of green peas.)

I’m getting the edits and comments back for what is going to be titled “Lord Adrescu’s Sword.” It is a short story, around 20K words or so, and I hope to have it out by the end of the month.

I’m also working on several short stories for a Familiar Generations story set. Protagonists will include Mike, Nikolai, Jude, Imré Farkas and Csilla (the Hungarian piano-restorer mage and his Familiar), Art, and maybe Deborah.

I will be returning to work on the non-series Scotland book shortly.

Research has begun on a Merchant book about an herb healer. I will be staying in town this summer, so I should be able to release the book in the fall.

It has been so warm that the roses are budding out, and daffodil shoots are appearing. MomRed wants dad and I to go out and dump ice cubes on the flower beds to try and calm the plants down. Even with the ice maker now working again, that probably won’t accomplish much.

The Shen Yun dance company and orchestra were in town last week. I wasn’t sure what to expect, but I was quite pleased. (No, I”m not going to do a review, because I do not care to be overwhelmed by attacks or spam from those who would prefer that the group disappear or at least stop performing.)

The long-range forecast has February and March being very cold in my part of the country. If they are also wet (but no ice, please oh please. BTDT, had a tee-shirt) I won’t mind as much. Unless snow pulls down the power lines. Then I might get a touch irked.

I wish certain people in public life would grow up, get real lives, and disappear from my news feeds. I also want a legal source of tax-free income guaranteeing sixty-thousand a year, and low-cal chocolate that tastes good and won’t upset my insides, and a computer that does what I want, not what I typed. Waking up and discovering that I’ve lost 12 pounds of fat overnight would also be good while the Universe is at it.

Most of what I’ve been reading has been reviewing material for Day Job. However, I recommend Cedar Sanderson’s new short-story collection if you have not gotten it yet. She has a nice mix of story types and “flavors.”

I put out suet and woodpeckers appeared. I think they were keeping the house under observation.


13 thoughts on “Random Stuff

  1. Unbreakable water pipes are on my wish list!
    And I agree, some public figures need to get a life.

  2. The National Weather Service guesses have North Texas as warm-ish, but their predictions seem to be on a par with The Great Kreskin. It’s been warm enough that the grasses are trying their annual mid-winter growth spurt, which pleases Kat the dog, and gives a non-muddy place to walk when she’s doing her things. (Digging in soft dirt is the current favorite.) I haven’t looked for buds on the ancient rose bush (intertwined with an equally ancient Lilac–both about 100 years old), but I’ll brave the mud soon.

    FWIW, I’ve been fond of the Russell Stover no-sugar chocolates, particularly the dark chocolate. Maltitol is the sweetener, and we’ve found that one or two pieces a day doesn’t cause gastric distress. YMMV. (I have to be wary of sugar-alcohols. Kroger’s pancake syrup was a bit rough, and both my wife and I found the Baskin Robbins no-sugar ice cream, tasty, but the side effects made it a once in a lifetime experience.)

  3. I’m pretty sure I see a tentacle in that picture.
    (Which admittedly, might improve the texture and taste.)

    • I can’t stop contemplating the horror.
      This pease porridge is sometimes served cold, isn’t it?

  4. Are your future books going to be on Kindle Unlimited like most of your books, or off it like The Lone Hunter?

    • Lone Hunter and Hunter in Shadows should both be in KU. Amazon just “improved” the format for uploading books, and the KS/KU button has moved twice. I went through last night and enrolled Hunter in Shadows to Kindle Select (KS) so it should be available through KU. I apologize that I didn’t see the error earlier.

  5. I recall, in BYTE, one writer bemoaning, only partly jokingly, the absence of the Ultimate Computer Instruction, the DWIM command. DWIM? “Do What I Mean.”

    • The DWIM instruction has been under development (seriously) since the 1970s, at least for user input commands. Somehow it never quite works. Kind of like cpell czechk, and often with worse consequences, like turning ‘renovate’ into ‘remove it, mate’.

      It’s also been celebrated in verse, sort of:

      Quaxity quuxity,
      Teitelman’s InterLISP
      Has a DWIM feature that’s
      Really a screw;
      MacLISP has evident
      Letting its customer
      Mean what he do.

      (https://www.ultimate.com/phil/pdp10/quux.poem . The original author, a classics scholar who switched majors and went to MIT, styled himself The Great Quux, which word he explained was a mythical semi-deponent Latin verb. I leave it to others to check, but suspect it was meant to be used like foo and bar.)

  6. Has anybody else noticed the title of your latest on Amazon doesn’t match the cover? Shadow/Shadows

    • No. I’m not sure what went wrong there. I’ll look into it later this week. I just made a change and I’m reluctant to do too many changes too quickly.

  7. Yay for more stuff to read! And NO to mushy peas… Yech… We’re wondering ‘what’ February and March hold, as the weatherguessers can’t make up their minds, with the predictions all over the place.

  8. As much as I liked the British Isles, well once away from the cities anyway, mushy peas were not one of my fond memories.

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