I Don’t Want to Know . . .

how cat fur ended up there.

why you thought that was a good idea.

what the dish is. I need to know what the meat was and how long you cooked it.

who failed to add paper to the copier. Just please don’t do it again.

who left hunter-safety-orange in the paper. Please don’t do it again!

who started it. It needs to end right now, right here. Or Else!

how many shots of what were in the cup. Just go get wet paper towels.

how the columbine seeds ended up all the way over here. Or the catnip for that matter. I can guess.


11 thoughts on “I Don’t Want to Know . . .

  1. Cat fur is a complex number (F + fi). Even when no fur appears to be there, it’s present in its imaginary portion. When multiplied by its complex conjugate (F – fi) [say, simple observation of an empty surface or dark clothing]. the magnitude of fur appears as sqrt( F^2 + f^2). This scales from “wipe up fluff” to “dustpan?!”

    • Cat Fur is so fine that it really follows Quantum rules. Much Like Schrodinger’s cat you don’t know if the cat fur is there or not until someone observes it. Unfortunately the cat fur’s wave form is such that it is effectively everywhere…

    • Is chicken! Mamma-san cheerfully assures you.
      Even though chicken legs don’t look like that, and are a darned sight smaller.

      • Somewhere I remember reading that rabbits are sold with their feet still attached in some market-places so that the purchaser can know that they are rabbits not cats. 😈

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