Happy New Year (Western Calendar)

Welcome to 2023. Time to start scratching out the wrong date on checks for a few weeks, and to keep glancing at the calendar to confirm that yes, it’s no longer 2022.

I’m on the road, will be back tomorrow.

5 thoughts on “Happy New Year (Western Calendar)

    • Yep, at least one a month for bills.
      Because I neither wish to give my credit card information to medical billing places, nor to give my credit card company the vendor fee instead of it going to the business of my choice… or give them the information on what I’m spending where.

      It is the conceit of the childless urban professional that all life can be breezed though with a credit card and a smartphone, and everywhere should take digital currency such that they can breeze by with only their phone… and thus it should be easy to implement social control on flyover country by digital currency. I can’t personally throttle 3/4 of Davos and the smug Silicon Valley blue-checks with their revolving-door FBI hires, but I can make my choices that throw a monkey wrench in their “certain” future.

    • I use autopay where I more or less trust the payee. There’s a bank and a power company where it’s not a good idea, and the thought of letting the tax-creatures have ready access to the account is spooky.

      The Medigap insurance is weird; $SPOUSE is autopay monthly, while mine is semiannual check. Trying to get them to be the same (semiannual, autopay) has not been successful. The accounts people there are not the brightest of bulbs in the chandelier.

      I have not so fond memories of cutting 30 checks per month, though I think I used clay tablets. Pretty sure it wasn’t stone.

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