In the Air or In the Water?

We’ve been having a lot of fast, intense weather changes here at RedQuarters. Nothing as exciting as Buffalo “See You After the June Thaw” New York, but going from the 70s to the 20s to the 50s to the 20s F for high temperatures. Combine this with the start of the Thanksgiving-Hanukkah-Finals-Christmas rush, and sanity seems to be a passing mood, not a permanent status.

We got some snow on Monday, just enough that everyone blinked and said, “Oh, that’s snow,” and went on with life. On Friday, we had cold and grey skies, and everyone went bonkers. Well, not everyone, just 90% of the people on the road. Or so it seemed. Perhaps it was the reopening of a large swath of a major through-street. Perhaps it was the “Friday before Thanksgiving.” Perhaps it was “pretend we’re all cats with the zoomies.” Whatever it was, the morning commute turned from “intermittently not dull” to “a touch interesting.” And that was nothing compared with the folks who came to work half an hour or so later. Apparently, in that thirty minute interval, there were wrecks, fire truck call-outs (activating stop-lights that normally don’t come into use), people changing lanes for no apparent reason and without bothering to tell anyone, people in the left turn lane turning right (!), and other moments of vehicular excitement.

By the time I left work, it was “I’m going to drive too fast, or too slow, for no apparent reason, or do both at random moments because feel like it.” Then a young person in a yellow sports car with target fixation tried to remove my bumper as I attempted to exit the coffee drive-through.

Athena T. Cat kept talking at everyone, then ignoring me, then tracking me down when I needed to work, then ignoring me when I had a free moment. Cats.

Oh, and I got to see something new at the gym. You now apparently do a big lift, push your hoodie hood back, get off the bench, change weights, return to the bench and carefully arrange the hoodie hood just so, then do another lift. The edge of the hood must be three inches back from the top of your forehead, no more or less. Or so it seemed. I must have missed the memo, because I don’t own a hoodie. Nor do I quite understand wearing a long-sleeve hooded sweatshirt with the hood up in a warm gym while doing intense exercise. But I tend to collapse when I overheat, so I try to avoid wearing warm clothes indoors when I’m going to lift and/or do cardio.

Since I drink the water and wasn’t inspired to act crazy, I guess it was in the air.


10 thoughts on “In the Air or In the Water?

  1. Static electricity . . . zapping people’s (and cat’s) brains. (I was zapped in an unfortunate location just this morning.)

  2. Static discharge sounds right, and probably included some cat-programmed random instructions in the signals (“aaaact like miiiice …”).

  3. Off topic, I’m drinking King Harvs’ Hurricane blend coffee. Fortunately, I live far enough in land that I won’t experience a Real Hurricane. 😉

  4. We had a band of Wet Wintry Mix (TM) last night. I hit it twice, first southeast-bound, then west-by-north-bound.

  5. Static electricity, the stupids, and “OMG, I gotta get my Christmas stuff done! And a turkey for Thursday….”

    • If I didn’t have “pick up at airport” duty, I’d hide for the next week. Those people scare me.

      • Agreed! Went to breakfast with the gang this morning and the parking lot at the restaurant was NUTS!!!

  6. Had to drive through downtown Atlanta on the freeway when I had to deliver myself to the airport. Saw two fender benders occur that could have been easily avoided plus a couple of accidents that had already happened. People just not paying attention.

    As far as the gym goes you have to realize that the primary purpose of going to the gym is no longer to get fit. It is to be SEEN with getting more fit as just a side benefit. One you look at your fellow gym participants through that lens it explains a lot.

    A side note, now you have me hooked on Avantasia. I thank you, my checkbook is still deciding whether to thank you or cringe.

    • I’m glad you enjoy the music! What’s funny is that when I work out at the gym, I don’t wear my glasses, so I’m almost blind unless I squint at the people closest to me. So the preening is wasted.

      • Based on the costumes of some of the people who frequent my gym on the rare occasions that I go not wearing glasses could be a money saver. The savings on eye bleach could be considerable.

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