Release Dates, Author Updates, and An Apology

First, the apology: I said I’d have the next Familiars two-book set available in print this fall. I put it off and put it off, and I apologize. I will try to do better after the new year. I need to go through and fix errors and typos, then send the files off to my cover and formatting person.

If all goes well, I will release the next Familiar Generations book around December 15th. The title is The Hunter in Shadows.

I finished the rough draft of “Lord Adrescu’s Sword” and will release it in late January – early February.

I hope to have some light fairy-tale fantasy stories done by late February, and then the short stories and novella (perhaps) for the next Familiar Generations book. After that it will be the Scottish-inspired novel, Familiar Generations, and perhaps the nomads vs. city-dwellers novel. “Blue Roses” will probably release as a stand alone short story, since it’s not really light and fluffy.

I will be away from the internet next week, so there will be fewer posts, and I might close the comments, just so that people don’t get held in moderation for a long period of time.


7 thoughts on “Release Dates, Author Updates, and An Apology

  1. As I’ve (and others have) told Sarah, you have other things to do than “amuse” us.

    And everybody here knows that things “go wrong”.

    Take care.

  2. When you look at this in hindsight a few months from now you will see what a productive year you have had. Well done and looking forward to publication(s)

  3. Thanks, those are much appreciated. Your venting lets us unwind as well, so I don’t turnbuckle-slam some bread dough into pizza. 🙂 There’s a few Tay misadventures where I marked book chapters, for a quick laugh.

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