Ut Oh, Someone Secure the Liquor Cabinet –

It’s November 10th. The U.S. Marine Corps’ birthday!

Original source: https://www.norbay.com/united-states-marine-corp-emblem-all-metal-sign-16-x-16

Although, knowing some of the Marines of my social circle, they have already secured the cabinet and removed the contents “for safe keeping.”

From the Halls of Montezuma to the Shores of Tripoli, and Guadalcanal, the decks of the USS Ronald Reagan, and a lot of other places, the US Marines stand watch and guard.

Semper Fidelis!


6 thoughts on “Ut Oh, Someone Secure the Liquor Cabinet –

  1. *Chuckles*. Sounds like a number of friends and relatives. Marines “securing” the liquor cabinet is about the same as a favorite scene from the movie “Fort Apache,” where four cavalry sergeants are told to ‘get rid of’ kegs of bootleg whiskey. Out come the mess dippers …

  2. Therefore, it was 24 years ago tonight when some bleepard in Laughlin, Nevada picked my pocket.

    It evidently didn’t help him much. When I tried to replace the driver’s license a month later (while on leave), I found that I had been declared dead.
    It was surprisingly hard to get that fixed. (I was never able to get a copy of the death certificate.)

    To absent friends. Slainte mhath.

  3. Kids are funny. One of my male students was the classic rebellious teenager. Authority figures? Bah!
    After 9/11 he joined the Marines. My school has a wall opposite the cafeteria where the community hangs picture of serving military and veterans who attended the school. His picture is there, proudly wearing his Marine dress uniform. When I first saw the picture I had to shake my head and smile. Who’d ha’ thought!

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