Autumn Skies . . .

A strong cold front with a howling low for a chaser lumbered through on Thursday and Friday. Ahead of the storms, the skies became rather striking, especially with the fall colors. The cottonwoods peaked here this past weekend, where there are cottonwoods. The Bradford pears have not quite gotten red yet.

That’s the actual color of the sky. The photo above didn’t catch the depth and the variety of blue, white, and grey overhead. It had been even more dramatic when I went out, but by the time I returned to the house, got my phone camera, and went to a location free of cars, happy hounds, and flying footballs, well . . .

It’s hard to say which is more dramatic. The locust trees in color, or the bare branches against a full moon, or against heavy, white clouds . . .


8 thoughts on “Autumn Skies . . .

  1. The answer looks like yes please, one of each. Beautiful pictures. Just looking up at the right times of day bring out so much beauty and dramatic contrasts. I got one of a young maple in red-orange foliage; shot up into deep blue sky with some whispery-thin clouds, then kept looking until I needed to blink.

  2. Different trees than southern Missouri, but same beautiful sky.
    The oaks and hickories changed to autumn colors faster than usual this year, and make a carpet of orange and yellow and deep red as I look across the hills. some of the beauty is due to its ephemeral nature.. . winter is on its way.

  3. Really like the deep blue of fall skies, it is unique. Freezing fog like I have this morning, not so much. I don’t see all that many deciduous trees, we have mostly pines, but occasionally you see a splash of brilliant fall foliage.

  4. I love all the photos – they cheer me up. It’s been grey for a few days up in the PNW, and I miss the blue skies already.

  5. Yep, the weather IS changing, and we’re hoping for some more rain!!! Didn’t get the ‘interesting’ colors you got, just the usual gray cloud decks… sigh

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