Plot Bunnies! Arrrrrgh!

So there I was, minding my own business, when a gang of plot bunnies showed up and chased me into an alley.

OK, maybe it just feels that way.

For non-writers, the term “plot bunny” refers to ideas that show up and won’t leave you alone, demanding to be written, or added into as story they have no, zilch, zero place in. Some people say “plot kittens,” with the mental image of the (in)famous video of “popcorn kittens.” I think of plot bunnies the same way as I do dust bunnies – I wish they’d go pester someone else.

I’m trying to get the draft of the next Familiar Generations stories done. I know where one is going, I’ve got chunks of the second one done, and the third and fourth (both shorter) are sketched out. Except . . .

That story I began that’s based on Dark Ages Scotland is pestering me, and I’m finishing the last research reading on it so I can really dig into the tale proper. No, I don’t know what role Myrdden-the-Wild is going to play, but I’m starting to get an idea as I read this book, as well as locking in geography. I’d thought the story would be set in the Pictish lands, but it wants to happen mostly in Dal Riata. OK, fine. Be that way. Dun Add here we come.

And then, as I was driving back from the Metroplex, listening to Avantasia (the next album releases in late October), plot stuff attacked. It started riffing off of a scene in Preternaturally Familiar, then spun into a completely different direction that only fits the “Blue Roses” short story. Short story? Novella? Not novel, I know that much. And it is the end of the story, not what I need. And it sort of wants to have a moody Gothic atmosphere, which completely breaks what I thought it would be. Maybe. Or maybe the main character is playing Byronic Hero just to jerk my chain. Twit.

Oh, yeah, and Paulus and Attila from the Elect are poking me to get that book done, too. Because it is dark, and spooky, and it’s a dark and spooky time of year, yes?

So, at the moment, I am going to finish the main story of Familiar Generations, get “Blue Roses” out of the way, do the Elect thing, go back to Familiar Generations, and then the Indus Valley fantasy book.

Unless more plot bunnies mug me.


11 thoughts on “Plot Bunnies! Arrrrrgh!

  1. Shame you can’t feed them leftover Easter candy to get rid of them, or have them take a number in queue…

  2. Candy corn is a convenient caliber for them. 🙂

    I write down the ideas or sketch, then set them away before they can breed (I thought). Boy, the notebook got thick.

  3. I try to pin them to a page of the “excess ideas” notebook for later use.
    It sometimes works, and they mature.
    Mostly, they want company, and to have lots of friends in neighboring pages.
    And spending the entire day’s time writing in the notebook, is not progressing the story.
    (Wags finger sternly at self)

    • It can be. But traffic was so light on US 287 North once I got away from the Metroplex that a little wandering of the mind was tolerable.

      I discovered some years ago that if I don’t write stories, or at least take time to sketch out ideas, the stories start taking over at inopportune moments, when I need to have total concentration on the task at hand.

  4. Should I share some ideas I had for your story-universes?

    Nah! Mr. Smith would kill me! [Crazy Grin]

  5. Well, if you will nickname one of your most important characters “Bunikot”, what do you expect? Of course his plot offspring (or spring-offs, if you will) are going to call!


  6. LOL, Bunnies, kittens, PITAs… At least yours didn’t keep you awake half the night like mine like to do…

  7. First thing I thought of when I read about your “plot bunnies” was “an embarrassment of riches”. Your imagination is a wondrous thing.

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