Preternaturally Familiar is now Available

Book 22 in the main Familiars series is now live.

The owl returns, as does another ghost from the past. Arthur Saldovado must balance his duties to his brother with his duty to the entire clan. Can he and Lelia find a way through when the Hunters become the hunted? It will take all of their experience, wiles, and allies when what had only been worrisome becomes Preternaturally Familiar.


15 thoughts on “Preternaturally Familiar is now Available

  1. Well thank goodness, I am just not in the mood to do chores tonight and now I have an excuse not to. Bought and will read tonight. Thank you for the voodoo that you do so well.

  2. Downloaded and started reading. Very nice, with rich family structure. Enjoying a bit at a time, like Arthur’s good chocolate.

  3. Bought, Read, Enjoyed. An engrossing read, as always. A great way to bring the series to an end, allowing the main characters to leave the limelight and enter the shadows.

  4. I had really wanted to sleep last night.
    :- 》
    The book was great, richly detailed and well written. I loved the expansion of the lore, faith, and ways of Arthurs’ clan.
    Thanjs, John

  5. Wha-hay! Purchased and downloaded this the moment I saw the release notice – I haven’t started reading yet, I’m saving it for a quiet moment on Sunday when I know I can enjoy it undisturbed…

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