Made on Friday at 4:55?

There was one too many spent casings on the shelf at the range. I knew how many rounds I had shot, and here was an empty casing. I picked it up. It had never been crimped. I didn’t find a spare bullet in the bulk box, nor did I find powder.

People used to joke that “lemons” among cars had been assembled on the Friday before a three day weekend, just before quitting time. I think I found the .22LR version.

That, or someone in the quality control department originally worked for Lesters.

The sign/design has been around for at least 40 years. You can buy them in lots of places. The above is the most common version in the US.
I really like this one. Subtle . . .

[Full disclosure – one bad round out of over three hundred is not a surprise. This makes two duds in three boxes I’ve gone through thus far.]

11 thoughts on “Made on Friday at 4:55?

  1. It’s one thing to find a dud on the range when poking holes in tin cans or paper. Something else again when dealing with critters with claws, fangs, or other weapons. As Horaday says, Accurate. Deadly. Dependable.®

  2. It does seem as if, in their rush to increase production, ammunition manufacturers have slacked of just a little bit in the quality control. Inspecting the rounds before loading helps eliminate some of the problems but not all.

    • Yes. The one that felt lighter than the others I caught like that. When the Range Master and I took the round apart, only a quarter of the normal powder load trickled out. Oops.

  3. Just saw a book in the Kindle store titled Preternaturally Familiar.

    I wonder if it is any good. [Very Big Crazy Grin]

    Yes, I purchased it. I may be crazy but not stupid. 😉

    • Kat the border collie is telling me I need to let her out to play. After lunch, I’ll purchase. Still reading Halwende’s story…

      Spare time, you say? I’m not currently familiar with that concept… [sigh]

      • And purchased. Over halfway through the other, so Arthur can relax and stop frowning at me. Please??? 🙂

    • Most . . . The Czech Warsaw Pact export stuff . . . 20% failure rate, which makes me wonder about the quality of what the “gave to their fraternal Soviet brothers.”

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