Oh Dear. I wonder where I put the spray?

So, there I was, looking at stuff on the computer and opening some files to pretend to work, when I glanced up and beheld:

I think I will just turn around very, very slowly . . .

Here’s the slightly wider view.

Amazing, what a little perspective does . . .

And a random flower shot from Sterling Castle.


8 thoughts on “Oh Dear. I wonder where I put the spray?

  1. I think everyone needs moments of wonder in their life.*

    *This has repeatedly been disproven by my children.
    Example: I moved their toybox away the wall, painted a rectangle on the wall with iridescent black/purple paint, and covered it with an articulated dollhouse door I’d painted up in a proper Victorian style. I returned the toybox to its place, and never said a word, knowing that one day they’d discover it.
    Which they did.
    They were completely uninterested. Dad just does that sort of thing, for reasons only he understands. Or cares about. (I haven’t fully given up, but they’re teenagers now, without a thimbleful of imagination between them. I’m pretty sure I’ve lost. Maybe one day they’ll look back, and a memory will spark something. And maybe I’m just clutching at straws.)

    • That’s probably actually an honor to you.

      My mom tried to do a lot of cool stuff.

      You know what I noticed as cool?

      The tumbled stones she inlayed on the toybox.

      A thousand pretty little things she didn’t even NOTICE.,…but they were they tiny version of the Big, Cool Thing she tried to do.

      • I was in my 20s before I knew that most people *didn’t* know what door harps were.

        (It’s a …thing… with 3-5 strings, and wooden balls hanging. You open the door, the balls bounce, and hit the strings. It makes a sort-of musical chime.)

  2. My father was a WW2 and Korean War vet. A pragmatic, hard-working farmer. One evening, at supper, he mentioned, quite casually, that he had spent an hour that day watching fox cubs play.

  3. Don’t spray the dragon.

    He’s just letting you know that he’s able and willing to defend you, yours and the home. 😀

  4. Perspective tricks can be wonderful. I’ve taken some nice ones out in the wilds.

    Hey, a dragon can help with those ugly peasant (uh, pheasant) accumulations out of season. Wildlife officers aren’t about to ask for his permit, more than once.

  5. My mother loved to play “let’s pretend” with us in small ways. The Tooth Fairy didn’t always leave us coins, for instance — she would leave behind a piece of “forgotten knitting” (knitted on toothpicks) or pieces of a dolls’ tea set.

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