Noble, Priest and Empire

Is now live.

When two men—and their patron and priestly deities—collide, the entire empire trembles!

Note: If you are new to the series, this could be a stand-alone as well as part of the series.


16 thoughts on “Noble, Priest and Empire

  1. Opened your web page saw the Merchant’s book was available and Woo Hoo, it’s like Christmas morning. Looking forward to reading it.

  2. Bought it. Getting over a flu bug, and not able to sleep. A great story will keep me interested if I have another sleepless night. That, or I’ll simply be up all night reading it. The blurbs and vignettes were a great sample, and this promises to be a rich and dark brew. It’s always scary when the goddesses decide they need to take a more active role in their lands and followers.

  3. Bought and added to the ‘Rewards for finishing Book 2’ pile. I’m alllllmost ready to send it out to test readers.

  4. Loved the book. I have loved all of the series!

    One Question: A word was used repeatedly that I can’t find either with a google search or three dictionaries. What is a ‘mohse’?

    • “Mohse” is an in-world spelling of the German “Moose” (pronounced like “moh-s”, meaning a miry, dangerous swamp.

  5. Just finished it, enjoyed it immensely. Despite your best efforts, I’m still not as familiar with pre-Renaissance German history as I ought to be and didn’t pick up on the parallels between Heinrich and Frederick. I blame the story for sucking me in!

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