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I’m 2/3 of the way through final edits on Noble, Priest, and Empire. The book is very long, for me, and takes time to work through. If all goes well, I will release it over the weekend. [taps wood]

Preternaturally Familiar will also release in September, probably closer to the 15th. I have all the edits, but the Merchant book was promised earlier.


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  1. I will buy as soon as I see them available. I’m _really_ looking forward to N,P&E. You’ve set it up very well here.

    • Just finished it. Bravo!

      You’re flirting with lit-fic in this one. (Just so you know.)

      A few typos left pinpricks as I read. I’ll email a list in a day or two.

      • Thanks! And thanks. I think the length is part of the reason for the typos. My editor went through it, I went through it, and I’m sure a few tehs and thiers still managed to hide long enough to slip through. (Even with a custom dictionary, I still overloaded Word’s spell-check!)

        • I do not know how Word is programmed, but there seems to me no reason for a limit on spellcheck less than, say, 90 percent of the maximum size it can handle at all.  If it is programmed as badly as I think it must be, it is a miracle of tortured human labor that it has as few bugs as it has.  John Ringo makes it a constant source of unearthly evil things in =Monster Hunter Grunge=. At leaat Intel comes by their security holes honestly.

          • I wish I knew what the glitch was. I’d never had that happen before. The manuscript is over 125K words, with a lot of in-world terms that I did add to the custom dictionary, but the little brain got overloaded somehow. Interestingly, when it came back from the editor and I cross checked his edits and recommendations with the master copy, using LibreOffice (different computer than my writing computer), I didn’t have that problem. Nor did the writing computer when I brought it back. *shrug* Gremlins.

            Like the one that kicked your comment into moderation.

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