The name is “New Beginnings”

It is supposed to be a fern.

A fern. I repeat, a fern. Artist: Shushiela Jamieson.

It was one of a number of her sculptures in a temporary exhibit at Dawyck Garden.

Another one of the artist’s works.

The azaleas, and blue poppies, were what I’d come to see.

13 thoughts on “The name is “New Beginnings”

  1. “Baby Cthulhu” song came to mind. Ahem.

    The azaleas are.pretty. Don’t think I saw that shade before.

  2. For modern “art”, it’s better than most. Not that that’s a particular high bar to hurdle.

  3. Looked more like a dragon’s tail to me than a fern (opening scene of Reign of Fire, anyone?). The giant cement magnolia(?) is fine, but unexciting. Inoffensive stuff as modern art goes, but I’m with Alma, the live flowers are prettier.

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