21 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Oh, you’re back?

    Didn’t know that you were gone. [Very Very Big Crazy Grin]

    Seriously, Welcome Back!

  2. Well, some people are just book magnets! Books have a way of recognizing people who appreciate them. And books are a lot cheaper to feed than some other things that might follow one home – imagine if it were wolves!

    • Nonsense.

      A Pack Of Wolves would be easy to feed.

      Now if a Dragon followed her home… [Very Big Dragon Grin]

  3. Sympathize, after the last time visiting my parents on vacation, switched to Kindle. Big difference!

    • Academic monographs and the like don’t seem to come in Kindle versions, alas. (Or they cost more as e-books, but that’s a rant for another day.)

  4. Welcome home! You’ve been missed, and not just by Athena T. Cat. I hope your trip was full of the pleasures of learning and discovery.

    • It really was. I learned so much that I’m just now starting to process. A lot of the trip was prehistoric – medieval history, with some early modern stuff tossed in.

      • Now, were I to visit the UK, I’d make a point of seeing Ironbridge, Brunel’s Royal Albert Bridge, and the Crossness Pumping Station. Very different tastes …

        • Oh, I hit New Lanark, the boat-lift near Sterling, Neptune’s Staircase, the site of the old Tay Bridge, the bridge across the Firth of Forth, and a few other engineering sites.

        • My Dad was an engineer, unfortunately I was also infected with that virus at a young age. Our vacation photos included pictures of dams, bridges, often from unusual angles, power plants, etc.. Mom often commented on the fact that no one else she knew had a picture of the underside of the Golden Gate Bridge.

          • My Father-in-law and vehicles. He included a third of the photos he took during our mutual visit to southern Europe.

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