My Cat’s a Hussite!

She takes treats sub utraque specie.

OK, to explain the joke for those who are not far, far too deeply versed in Central European history for their own good . . . When the preacher Jan Huss in Prague in the 1410s raised some complaints people had with the behavior of the Church as an administrative unit, one of the objections was that people could only partake of communion/eucharist in one kind – the body (wafer), not in both kinds (sub utraque species). Those who, after Hus’s followers broke from their local bishop, insisted that laity should be allowed to partake of both elements were called Utraquists.

Athena T. Cat gets two kinds of treats. One is a special formula to help her joints. The other are the little crunchy cat nibbles most cats like. Athena decided to stop eating the joint goodies, for reasons she does not deign to discuss. Mom finally tricked her into eating them by alternating a bit of joint food with a real treat.

So, the other day, I did the same thing. The joint supplement went into the cat, followed by the “real” and we were all happy.

When Mom came back, I informed her that Athena is an Utraquist. MomRed blinked a few times, then grinned.

(Alas, I can’t find my terrifying picture of the statue of Jan Zizka, the scariest Utraquist in the Czech lands. You walk into the museum in Tabor and he’s looming over you, war hammer in hand.)

EDITED: Ah, Found it!

Author Photo, June, 2019. Tabor, Czechia.

13 thoughts on “My Cat’s a Hussite!

  1. As long as you dignify Her Real Presence, all is well. That includes purifying the Brush of Grooming. Now, about the felinoque claws …

    (Puts up tiny umbrella(

  2. You told that joke to your mother? And she got it?

    You come from excessively well-educated stock!

    • Yes, I do. For a while MomRed had a shirt that read, in Greek, “If you can read this, you’re over-educated.” She was a biology major, classics minor. Dad Red was a bio-chem major, history minor.

  3. Our late Peke was an expert in rejecting medication. Wrapping the pill in raw hamburger would get you one clean pill, spit out on the floor, , and a smug look on his face. The only solution was to make four balls of hamburger, one with the pill, the rest without. Give him a plain hamburger ball, then another, then another in rapid succession. He’d start gulping the hamburger balls, then you slip him the one with the pill in it, gulp, and the pill is successfully swallowed.

  4. He does look somewhat forceful, but I would have called it a mace. Is “war hammer” for something with that kind of head a specific central European thing?

  5. I’m not going to start a Religious Discussion

    I’m not going to start a Religious Discussion

    I’m not going to start a Religious Discussion

    I’m not going to start a Religious Discussion

    I’m not going to start a Religious Discussion

    [Very Big Grin From A Baptist]

  6. Impressive statue, and kudos to the sculptor for getting enough mimor details right to give me confidence that the major ones, like face and presence / attitude are also right.
    Eg. The shoes are correctly constructed for early 16C Eastern Europe, the mace is proper to that period as a re-use of an older weapon, and the breastplate, with its’ retaining chain, also looks like an older piece.

    About the cat, well …
    As good staff, we avoid discussing religion with our principals.

    Our 21 y. o. female triple-chocolate tortie plushie, and our 3 y. o. big / tall / long American Shorthair both learned as kittens that lots of personal attention was a part of ‘treats”, and that claw clipping was a part of a deep brushing, and not something to be feared. Thank all aspects of all Gods for that.

    Looking forwaed to books from many of the authors and commenters here.

    From other comments, I have gathered that If I an going to buy your book on Kindle anyway, that I could put a few more pennies in your pocket if I read it on KU first. Am I correct?
    Thanks, John in Indy

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