One Thing Upon Which We Can All Agree . . .

That being, namely, that individuals who put mustard on chocolate ice cream, deliberately, without a wager or alcohol being involved, have forfeited their membership in the ranks of civilized people.

It’s been a long time since I’ve seen that many people staring in horror at one individual.


23 thoughts on “One Thing Upon Which We Can All Agree . . .

  1. And I thought putting mustard on hot dogs was bad! (Cue outrage from the Strict Orthodox Mustardite Inquisition.)

    Truly an Abomination Unto Nuggan. Unless… did he bring his own mustard? Could it have been some weird homemade yellow candy sauce carried in a mustard bottle to sow confustication and discord?

  2. There have been rumors of extraterrestrials among us. Could it be…?

    • Aha! By the tingling of my tinfoil, I think you’re almost onto something!
      Note the big push to get everyone talking about SQUIRRELS!!!!, er, space aliens. Could be there are paid crisis actors doing alienesque things in public to help promote the idea that There Are Aliens Among Us, very soon they’ll tell us what’s what, and we’d jolly well better do as they say.
      Or maybe ice cream with mustard is something like a chocolate-covered manhole cover?

      • Even as a crisis actor. they couldn’t pay me enough to eat that! I would blow my cover sooooo fast…

    • (Makes sign of the cross with spoon and fork.)

      What a waste of good ingredients!

      I occasionally have to explain to my wife that putting mustard on pork is a German thing–at least in a small Bierstube in deepest Bavaria. If only they realized at 15 ml isn’t enough for a proper drink of whiskey. 🙂

      I’ll pass on mayo for french fries. That’s what Ranch dressing is for. (And mustard…)

      • Wast, referring to chocolate ice cream and mustard. I’ll not pass (too much) judgement on mayo.

      • Well, good German mustard on a decent bratwurst is next to heaven. Mustard ice cream is a BIT extreme. The Brits like mayo on French fries, but I always preferred Brown gravy!

  3. What kind a person would do that? Maybe the person is an alien (as suggested above)?

  4. Well, that’s a new one.

    And everyone now has a new character seed to play with.

  5. Did the individual actually eat it then? You left that out…

    I’m imagining that it went into his/her napkin or the floor or down the shirt front while everyone while still transfixed with horror.

    • He’d started eating it when I fled with my order. Even I have limits to what I can handle while eating, and that crossed the line.

  6. There are few foods the taste of which can not be improved by the addition of EITHER garlic, mustard, pepper, or chocolate, but very few, if any, which can be improved by the addition of more than one of the above.
    John in Indy

  7. Homer and Jethro….
    from “Jam-Bowl-Liar” [Jambalaya]
    “…spotted ham and a can of chocolate-coated sardines…”

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