May ’22 State of the Author update

Short version – busy. This is crunch week 2.0 at Day Job, with the year wrapping up.

I’m at 50K words on Overly Familiar. I’ve also sketched out the next main-series Familiars novel, and am starting to work through some ideas for Familiar Generations. I hope for an August release for this one, and perhaps a September or early October release for the next Familiars after that.

Noble, Priest, and Empire is with the editor. I don’t expect to hear back until late June, for a mid-July release. I have the cover art already.

Blogging will slow down in June. If things go as they appear to be going, I will be without internet for several weeks. I hope to have three or four posts per week, and I might turn off comments, just so people don’t get trapped for three weeks or so in Moderation Limbo. We’ll see.


5 thoughts on “May ’22 State of the Author update

  1. Have fun storming viewing the castle!

    Waiting patiently, and working through the TBR stack in the Kindle.

  2. End-of-school sucks, but at least you can see the light at the end of the tunnel.
    You take care of you.

  3. You survived another year at day job. Enjoy some time away and some well-deserved rest in June if you can.

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