Goth Bardic?

So, I was listening to the Wagakki Band and this appeared on the side-bar. Interesting juxtaposition.

Blind Guardian is better known as a heavy metal/speed metal group, but they also do, well, Tolkien-rock and things like this. It’s a sign of a good song that you can strip out the genre cues and it is still catchy and memorable. I suspect it will appear in a Familiars book.


3 thoughts on “Goth Bardic?

  1. They came to my attention when the offspring was playing their Silmarillion piece “Time Stands Still (at the Iron Hill)” and I tuned in enough to remark on how shout-y and unlike offspring’s usual taste it was. Offspring said “The is shouting Fingolfin’s formalities to Morgoth”.
    I paid attention. We eventually noticed the actual duel was in the music. After that, offspring found “Nightfall” (Silmarillion again – death of the Trees), and more and now we own – I think – most of their albums. They’re the only heavy metal band either of us can listen to.

    I’ve tried all the others you’ve mentioned here. They don’t work for either of us.

    • There’s a lot of groups that my Sib-in-Law recommends that I just cannot get into. I’m glad there’s such a wide variety for all of us! (And there are groups that some albums I dearly love, and others, ah, I don’t love quite so much. And songs I hear once and delete or put on “perma-skip.”)

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