I had to laugh . . .

So there, I was, driving Down State to visit friends last week. I could see the smoke of a grass or range fire a long time before I got close. I also had a CD in the stereo(Ghostlights by Avantasia).

Just as I got into the smoke, close enough to smell that it was mostly grass with a little brush, the chorus of “Babylon Vampyres” began.

Babylon is burning, shining from afar
Babylon is burning
From sunset to sunrise
Babylon is burning
and you‘re glowing like a fiery star
And no one can tell if we’ve been for real

(Tobias Sammet “Babylon Vampyres”)

I laughed. The timing was just too perfect. Yes, the Universe has quite a sense of humor!


9 thoughts on “I had to laugh . . .

  1. Then I realized that nearly everything I’ve added to my playlist for the past half-decade has been something brought to my attention here, at Mad Genius, or at Bayou Renaissance…

    • I’d like to say that it IS a conspiracy and we ARE out to get your money, but alas, it’s not and we don’t. 🙂

  2. Yep, the Universe knows. When I was driving to my Dad’s house this past Monday (well away from where the tornadoes went through), just as some really heavy rain started, the radio started playing ‘Noah built a Boat’.

    • Alright, I got to tell this one.

      Just after I got out of a “Men’s Accountability Group” that was focusing on Humility, I heard on my car radio “Lord, It Is Hard To Be Humble when you’re perfect in so many ways”. 😆

  3. Lelia and Tay would look at each other and shrug. “There are no coincidences.” They wouldn’t even need to say it out loud.

    • They’d look and both would say “jinx!” I waa having a life-art moment with that, too.

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