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What topics would you like to see me blog about? I was working on City, Priest, and Empire and Day Job things this weekend, and alas, my blogging brain took a day off.

I hope to push through during Spring Break and get the Merchant book done. It will be close to 100K words, making it the longest book I’ve written to date.


14 thoughts on “Open Floor

    • +1, though I realize the material for such posts doesn’t follow any regular schedule.

  1. The interesting things you notice when trapped inside a paper sack.
    By Athena T. Cat

    How to be better at singing.

    On the current maleducation of our children.

    The leaves of Spring.

  2. I agree, have fun for a while.
    When you get back to writing serious stuff here, I’d like to see more of your geology and history, especially as it relates to recent claims and misinterpretations.

  3. Did I miss your announcement of Familiar Paths? I love the stories, and bought it as soon as I saw the notice on Peters’ blog.
    As for blog subjects, maybe something about your process of research, story development, and how you integrate history and story.
    Otherwise, write one from Athenas’ POV, about how your writing interferes with your work as her staff. 🙂

  4. History linked to Geography. Kings and Dynasties, and what -was- the Holy Roman Empire, really? Stories of marriage and scandal among monarchs … all the stuu thar is the Strory of hiStory.

  5. Your morning and evening walks provide some excellent written painting. Anything from Athena’s view would probably be a 1-paw review of the staff’s miserable performance in meeting her needs and whims. “Oh, the indignity, and they can’t be trained!”

  6. The Holy Roman Empire and te Hanseatic League -how they are related or not as the case may be. I’d take five sentences…

  7. No politics, please. I enjoy “Overheard in the Halls,” writing tidbits, and the history and geology snippets. As I am myself a wannabe writer, I’d also like some glimpses into your writing style and methods.

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