Oh, Cats.

Well, that explains the loud thump on the roof!
I left for three seconds. Three seconds. And you know what happened.

Athena was not going to relocate, no way. So I sulked in my office.


12 thoughts on “Oh, Cats.

  1. Conspiracy? No, FACT. Athena has that “officially neither deny nor confirm” look. There’s probably a quiet payoff in mice or treats arranged, too.

  2. Ha! Cat people! Under the paw…
    No, Penny, you went out half an hour ago.
    Penny, quit barking at me!
    Oh, all right…

  3. There are NO ascetic kitties. They always take the best spot and refuse to give it up. And we cat people are soft headed enough to let them keep it 🙂 .

  4. The nursing home caring for my father feeds, waters, and provides beds for a number of outdoor cats.

    I wonder if cats like boxes and high-walled beds because they make good hunting blinds.

    • Oh, and although I read that cats like warm weather, this is on Manhattan Beach, near the mouth of Jamaica Bay, exposed to the weather in Lower (outer) NY harbor: windy, and five to ten degrees cooler than inland. Being fed and having catpanions must count for something!

      • The leaping orange cat gets fed by several houses (I suspect. I know one for certain), helps himself to the water at RedQuarters, basks on several fences and benches around the area, and cleans up the occasional late squirrel or half-finished dove (hawk took the rest of the dove as carry-out.)

  5. Our oldest cat is Annoyed with how my lap has shrunk of late, but he does approve of my taking more naps.

    Too many easily distracted people for the “steal a chair” trick to have gotten popular. 😀

  6. It’s not hard to see why the ancient Egyptians considered cats to be a goddess’s avatars.

    On a sort-of-related topic, I’m always fascinated when you post a picture of Athena. There is something about her particular combination of colors that makes her look like a painting, or like a photo that’s been lightly edited with a Photoshop ‘blur’ filter. No matter how good the lighting is, her fur always looks coarse and thick, like it was painted on.

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