Can Anyone Tell Me

. . . how to reset *YAWN* a cat?

Athena T. Cat gets up at 0500 every morning. Including Caturday and Sunday. When her major domo wants to sleep until, oh, 0630 Local Time.

I’ve lost her instruction manual and can’t find the reset switch through all that fur. Any ideas?


21 thoughts on “Can Anyone Tell Me

  1. My nominal wakeup time is 0400.
    In reality, it tends to be fur o’clock, that being whatever time the alarm cat on the nightstand starts buzzing.
    The alarm cat used to be Huckleberry, who was pretty good about waiting until 0330 or so.
    These days, his sister Top Hat has taken over, and she thinks 0200 is a fine time to be awake.
    (And, Peter? Top Hat took over perky-early-morning-alarm-cat duty after we had her shaved. Shaving the cat doesn’t help. Trust me on this.)

  2. The reset switch is only for Nap Standard to Nap Saving Time.

    Peter described Feline Shaving Time, when the clock runs sideways.

  3. Stimulus response. Cats are trainable, they just don’t like it. Cats like to be in control.

    Make the experience as unpleasant for them, as it is for you, and it’ll stop. (Mostly)

    My specific solution found an actual use for the pile of decorative pillows my wife used to insist upon, but YMMV.

    • She has plenty of food and water. She wants company and attention. I’ve been looking for an auto-petter, sort of like the auto-feeders, but thus far my Search-Engine-Fu has been lacking.

  4. Tru being posessed of self-control, there are always kibbles in her dish.
    She has food, water, litterbox, and girls to snuggle with, so she waits to hear someone moving in the rest of the house before yelling “Out!”


  5. You must have missed the recall notice on that model. The reset button is nonfunctional!

  6. I have mislaid the translator for our new-to-us dog Bettie. When she gets me up way too early, my non-caffeinated brain has to figure out if she wants out, she’s hungry, or she’s lonely and wants cuddles.

  7. Kat (short* for Kathy) the Border Collie puppy is content to sleep quietly in her crate until I get her up to go potty. (I’m a very early riser, so 3:00 AM is common.)

    She’ll go back to bed until breakfast time at 7. It’s been months since she’s made enough of a fuss to have somebody take her out of her crate.

    (*) I wanted Cath, but my wife wanted Kat. I was outvoted, 1 to 1. 🙂

    • Related idea: I’ve heard of a pet door that responds to a dongle attached to a collar. Close proximity, it unlatches the door. So, if big enough to wear a collar, it’d work. Unpleasant surprises up to the staff human involved. Unpleasant responses, up to the cat.

      When I had Horus, he’d wake me at times by tickling my nose. With a claw to the nostril.

    • She’s seventeen and a half. She’s slowed down over the past three years or so, but gotten louder. I suspect she’s 2/3 deaf, or at least selectively 2/3 deaf. She stays up later than I do, but gets up earlier (ten till alarm clock on week-days.)

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