A Well Known Route Is a . . .

Familiar Path. And Familiar Paths is now live!


Old friends, new wonders, and haunts from the past can be found in this set of seven short stories.


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  1. I’m looking forward to reading this one too. I started reading the “Familiar” series a couple of weeks ago – and can’t stop reading them. I’m about as far away from “goth” as a guy can get, but the stories have pulled me in – great writing! The short story that had Csilla the Kuvasz really resonated – a character that I can really relate to – as I type with my right hand my left hand is rubbing the ear of a Kuvasz named Kiska. Magnificent dogs – as long as they have plenty of space and things to guard. He’s not a Familiar – but he’s my familiar. Nice job of describing them, Ms. Boykin – I’m guessing that there’s been one of your acquaintance somewhere along the way. I’m really enjoying the storyline in the books! Thank you!

    • You’re very welcome! I’m glad you are enjoying them. I made the brief acquaintance of a Kuvasz while in Hungary. She was guarding sheep from tourists, or tourists from sheep. A beautiful dog, very professional.

    • Magnificent dogs indeed.

      Long time ago now, I heard a story of a pair of Kuvasz who were rescued by the owner of a junkyard. Thereafter, during the day they were lapdogs (or perhaps, considering their size, overlap dogs) and at night they guarded the junkyard against intruders. As the teller told it, it made a wonderful mental image: “We are big, we are white, we can be seen from several miles away in the darkness. Feel free to scream and run at any time.”

  2. Bought and about halfway finished – already? Slow down and restart! Good stories, and seeing his suflit fiica’s reactions from apex-predator Arthur’s view is humorous.

    • I decided to get stuck in a loop. Now reading “Carolina … Reapers?” for the second and maybe third time. Some of the short stories improve like this – the jokes, sight gags, and rivalries get better. Rich is such a fun supporting character to play with.

      What the 82nd never wants to hear is a “Bastogne” reply from the 101st. Only historians recall St. Vith. Everyone, including Belgium and Luxembourg (see the shrines), recalls Bastogne and Patton’s impossible “wheel left” order to break the siege.

  3. I bought this yesterday evening and finished it at about 2 AM this morning. Boy am I glad I am retired and did not have to go to work. I will probably sit down and re-read the book again today since the weather has turned back to winter.

    One minor nit that may have escaped your very proficient proofreaders: In Carolina Reapers on what my Kindle is telling me is page 102, Mike texted Shadow with the “Outbound” code and then you describe him doing the same thing later in the same paragraph. Don’t know if that was intentional or not.

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