Sorry folks . . .

I managed to get the sinus crud. I’m mostly over it, aside from the stuffy ears and nose, but I’m having to dedicate the small, still-functional part of my brain to Day Job and writing.

Full posting will resume tomorrow.

15 thoughts on “Sorry folks . . .

  1. My three phases of a sinus infection: 1) It’s just a cold I’ll be over it tomorrow, 2) OMG I’m going die, 3) Ok, I’m not going to die but I’m going to suffer with this forever.

  2. Get well soon! That crap is going around… sigh… At least ‘I’ know I didn’t infect you with the crap I have!

    • Thanks. I’m better than I was on Monday, but apparently (judging by other people I’m around) this is the Head-cold That Will Not Die. I suspect the constant running of heaters drying the air doesn’t help.

      • I brought the dehumidifier into the house for the round of rain/snow storms we had in late Fall. At which point, Murphy persuaded the Weather Gnomes to give us cold, dry air. I wonder how Murphy would take it if I put the dehumidifier back in storage. Either it’d get drier, but we’d have more space, or it’d get really wet, and we’d love to get some precipitation…

  3. Remember: A cold lasts 14 days with treatment, or two weeks without.
    Best wishes for a speedy recovery.

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